How to Choose the Right Mattress for You?

According to the American Chiropractic Association (CPA), there are about 40%-60% or Americans who have trouble sleeping. Remember sleep is very important and if your mattress is causing you trouble, maybe it's time to change your mattress?


There are a few considerations in choosing a mattress specially that it can be considered a major purchase. Aside from durability and price, what questions will serve as your mattress selector tool that will help you decide which mattress is right for you

Are you experiencing joint or back pains? Ever wondered what is the best type of mattress for back pain? What's the cheapest type of mattress that you can get?

There are thousands of mattress companies in the US that you can shop from, but it is important that you know what type of mattress you should be getting.

From a lot of selections available, we've outlined some of the different types of mattress and its pros and cons below to help you in your mattress selection:

Which Matters Is Right For Me


Pocket Sprung Mattress

This type of mattress is best for fighting bad bed experiences such as painful joints. Also, this is the best type or mattress if you suffer from back pain. The appropriate full body support helps in pain reduction that can help you get a good night's sleep. 


Since the weight is properly distributed across the fabric pockets, it will help you maintain a good posture while sleeping.


Latex Support

One of the most essential benefit of this mattress is its soft body support, similar to memory foam.


Aside from that latex is also known to be resistant to moisture because of its open cell structure that helps the air to flow through the mattress. It is also resistant to molds and mildews, and dust mites.


Continuous Coil Mattress

This type of bed is designed from one long wire. It has the ability to provide a very stable, interlinked coil system making it more durable. Some beds are designed to have different types of coils.


Make sure to check out whether a bed is tempered or non-tempered coiled. Tempered coils are more durable compared to non-tempered coils since they are heated and cooled multiple times in order to solidify the shape of the coils.


Open Coil Mattress

This mattress is one of the most mass-produced mattress. This means that these are basically one of the cheapest mattresses available in the market.


The spring of Open Coil mattress tends to move as a whole, so if you're going to share a bed with someone, there's a higher possibility of you and the other person to roll into the middle of the bed.


Memory Foam Mattress

This type of bed is made from a substance called viscoelastic which exhibits both viscous and elastic characteristics when undergoing deformation.

Memory Foam Mattress mold to the body as a response to body heat, then return to its original form once the weight or pressure is removed.

Memory Foam Mattress

There are a lot of benefits from using this type of mattress. It protects you against spring impact as compared to other mattresses and is very supportive and durable.


Support Mattress

There are different types of this which aims to support spinal and back postures for comfortable sleeping position. It should follow your natural curve when you sleep on your side or your back. This is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers.


From the selections above, you should now determine which mattress is right for you. Consider the size, quality and cost.

You should buy a mattress that will give you a good night's sleep so that it will be worth it. Remember that mattresses are good purchases that would last a long time, so, don't compromise.

Final Words

Make sure that you do test the mattress before buying it. Did you know that there are people hired as mattress testers? They are specially employed to test the mattress quality by sleeping! You could check out some of their reviews online and get a good idea about the brand you're purchasing.

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