V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe Review

When you want to shop for the best gun safe, never sacrifice for versatility for security. A gun safe should be able to mount on wall or floor in the best possible way for your home. This safe opens in a way that your firearms are safe and adequately protected.


Moreover, it has enough space to accommodate all of your guns and still have enough room for you to expand your collection.

The V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe gets fundamental right so you do not have to worry about the security of your guns.

This gun safe is worth an investment and if you doubt this, then you will accept it after you go through its salient features that will make you feel comfortable to buy it.

You will try a lot of products for security purposes and a quickly accessible storage firearm, but you cannot fine a safe that is reliable and pretty like the V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe. This is a safe that you can look at when you want to keep your guns safe and secure.



Heat Resistance​

Fire Resistance​



  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight
  • Built with sturdy materials
  • Good number of brakes.
  • Cost effective


  • Very flimsy

Key Features


Front and Top Opening

The V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe features a top and front opening. This makes the safe easy to mount since you can install it in an upright position or even hang it on the wall or door.

You can access the weapons that you store in this safe from any side that may seem to be easy and satisfying to you.


Keyless High-Grade Lock

The safe also contains an reliable electronic keyless high-grade lock that is seemingly available in the other gun safes. If you know how to program a TV remote, then this lock will be easy for you to figure it out.

The push button design is also another favorite style and gets the job done in a consistent manner. This high-grade lock is promising for high security and makes you not to worry even if you are away from your home.


Padding Foam

The V-line Gun Safe has a padding foam included in it that help you to prevent your gun safe from any form of damage.

To make the gun not to be moving when you are transporting it, you add an extra foam or an insulation which is an additional measure of protection. By doing so, your gun safe will offer a maximum security and safety for your weapons.



You might think that this safe is more of a storage cabinet than a gun safe, but that is not the case. The safe is sturdy enough that if you sit on it even when it does not have weapons inside, you will never damage it.

It is drill-resistant in that even if an intruder tries to drill it, may not get such easy time doing it, this alone gives you the confidence of storing your guns and go far away from home without fearing that they may be stolen.

The durable materials make it serve you for many years without wearing out, an incredible safe indeed.


Pre-Punched Holes

When it comes to setting up this safe, you will find it easy and straightforward. You do not require manpower to do it.

This is possible because it has pre-punched holes that enable you to mount it to the wall with much ease. I have this safe and setting it up is an easy job that takes very few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy for me to get two guns in this safe?

A: No. it is a tight fit for my AR 15 with scope, two guns in it may seem to squeeze.

I have a Tahoe and thinking I can secure it in the cargo area, could this be used as a vehicle vault?

A: Yes. You could make t lie down. The six bolts on the back will help you bolt it up.

How secure is this safe? Can someone break into it easily?

A: The safe is secure enough. No one can easily break into it unless one wants to cause harm in your home.

Final Verdict

With this information I gathered from various research, this safe will comfortably hold one rifle. If you have two or more than that, then I can recommend that you purchase more safes tools since they are cheap.

If you have two small guns, then you can squeeze them to fit in this safe which is not bad. I have my two little arms, and they fit well in this safe.

With its ability to stay for many years and the good electronic locks, I recommend that you buy this V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe and enjoy all the privileges.

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