A Complete Guide to Use Bench Grinder

Have you considered using a bench grinder before? Are you familiar with this tool? Have you seen anybody from your group of friends or family members use this tool before? If you are not already familiar with a bench grinder...


it is a kind of power tool that is pretty popular now a day for grinding, and sharpening knives and other items. You can usually find this power tool in any construction site.

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Some homeowners, who know how to use this piece of equipment, keep it in their workshops to fix things around their house. It is actually a very useful power tool and it can help you do a lot of chores.

Before using a bench grinder, you must first know the basics and the anatomy of the actual machine before you start using it. Making sure that you know each function of the machine, will allow you to navigate around it with ease so that you do not get into an accident.

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How To Use a Bench Grinder: A Complete Guide

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The Bench Grinder Contains


Spark Deflector

This is to prevent the sparks from reaching your eyes. Can be found on the right side of the machine.



Eye Shield

Obviously to protect your eyes from any sparks that can come from sharpening or polishing an item. Can be found below the spark deflector on the right hand side.


Wheel Guard

To protect the wheel from falling off or from getting damaged, can be found below the spark deflector and eye shield.

Wheel Guard


Tool Rest

This is where you place the tool that you need to sharpen. Can be found on the left side.


On/Off Switch

To turn on the machine. Can be found in the middle.

On-Off Switch


Fine Wheel

Fine wheel used to sharpen. Can be found inside the wheel guard. Place on the left side.


The Coarse Wheel

The coarse wheel  can be used to polish – can be found on the right side.

coarse wheel

Of course these parts can be pretty self explanatory, but if you are a beginner and you do not know the functions that come with each part, you will be able to find most of this information in the user manual that comes with the power tool.

Make sure to read it carefully so that you know the function of each part. This is just a rough draft of the information that can be found in the user manual for your reference.

Look at Your Preferred Support

Now that you know the basic information, it is now time to start using the machine. The bench grinder will only work properly if you know what wheel to use.

Depending on the type of wheel you add, this power tool can sharpen, shape, buff, polish or clean just about any kind of metal object. To start using it, you must uses the roughest wheel for the specific job you need that you will be performing.

A 36-grit wheel can sharpen most of your gardening tools, if you find that your tools need to be sharpened.If you are looking to improve the performance of any chisels or plane irons around your household, a 60 grit wheel is better.

And if you are going to work on more delicate pieces of metal, it is better to use an 80 to a 100 grit wheel for better performance.

Bench Grinder

As you can see each wheel has its function, and you should always make sure to find the right wheel with the right grit to make your job easier.

To start getting to work, place the item you want to grind using the front wheel. As you can see each wheel has its function, and you should always make sure to find the right wheel with the right grit to make your job easier.

To start getting to work, place the item you want to grind using the front wheel. Make sure that your angle placement is set to roughly twenty five to thirty grit and let it move continuously.

The combination of the constant motion of the wheels and the rough grit will keep the machine from overheating. Make sure that you are well protected and you wear the proper safety gear to prevent any accidents.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Bench Grinder

If you are a first timer and you do not own your own bench grinder yet, you should make sure to take note of these suggestions before you make time to scout for your own bench grinder:


Decide What You Will Use It for

It is important that you know what you will be using this power tool for, whether it will be for polishing, grinding or sharpening, you must always have a vivid picture of how you are going to use it. You can choose between a 6-inch or an 8 inch model.

polishing, grinding or sharpening


Look for the Most Durable

If you are going to use your bench grinder for sharpening metals and rusted metal objects around your home, you will be able to find some of these power tools and their specific functions in the product description before you decide to purchase it.

Make sure that you have a firm choice of usage in your head, so that you do not end up wasting any money on the wrong bench grinder.


Make Sure of the Motor Power

Always remember that the stronger the motor of the bench grinder, the more chances that the grinding power will be sufficient enough to grind properly. Always make sure to look for a bench grinder with the most motor power to ensure a better job.



Think of its Usage for Long Term

As mentioned above, make sure of what you will be using the bench grinder for, if you will be using this powerful on occasion and for only light projects, it is best recommended that you buy a standard bench grinder.

But if you are going to use it professionally, then you should consider buying a bench grinder with more complex grinding abilities and a powerful motor.


Always Make Sure of What Wheel to Get

Always make sure that your bench grinder works with the wheel that you have in your mind. If your going to go for the most common types, you should consider buying a grinding wheel, wire brush wheel, buffing and coarse grind wheels.


Final Words

In conclusion, the bench grinder is pretty easy to use for as long as you know the ins and outs of the machine. Make sure that you have done your part to research on the item and study it before you buying.

All in all, this tool is recommended for anyone who likes to do home projects and professional construction work. It is a good tool to use, and should definitely be considered.

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