5 Pro Tips to Grow Your Vlog Channel

If you are considering of starting a YouTube channel and venturing into the world of vlogging, you are in for a real treat. But, what is vlogging? Vlogging is a brilliant way to express your creativity, meet and get to know individuals who have same interests and..


Vlogging can be a great mean to make money on the side or begin a new career if you do vlogging right. On the other hand, if you are uncertain whether or not you should start vlogging, you need to know a few things prior to creating a YouTube channel.

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If you want to create wonderful vlogs and grow your vlog channel then you should start embracing the following ideas and learn how to start vlogging.


Filming and Editing

Vlogging is basically filming and editing. You will not all the time get the flawless take the first time. For most of videos, you are going to edit together numerous different takes to produce a cohesive review, tutorial, or any other kind of interesting video.


Learn every detail and function of your camera and look for editing software that you want playing with because you are going to be using both tools a lot if you want to start your vlog channel and be successful.


Keep Learning and Practicing

Are you a professional in your niche or industry? If yes means you have already spent some time learning or practicing the subjects you will be talking about in your vlogs.

That is a great way to start, but if you really want to be an expert in your field, you must keep learning and practicing. For instance, beauty vloggers are always searching for the latest techniques and products to reinvent salon styles at home.


Those who review cars are at all times learning more regarding the latest motor trends. If you truly want to be a successful vlogger, you need to like learning more regarding your chosen subjects.


Being Active on Social Media

A huge portion of promoting your vlog channel and increasing your followers is done through social media.


Frequently posting exciting behind-the-scenes images, content, and clips, questions, cool updates, and other engaging contents on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will greatly grow your reach and increase your engagement with your audience.


Planning and Commitment

Prior to starting your journey to becoming a famed and successful vlogger, it is essential that you realize that an effective channel is one that is produced by a dedicated creator.

Planning and Commitment

A great deal of effort and time goes into dealing and managing a vlog channel, and it will entail you to practice self-discipline in order to share quality videos on a regular basis.


Getting Accustomed with Your Subscribers

You need to engage and interact with your vlog viewers and subscribers. Your vlog channel’s success depends on whether people watch your vlogs or not, and they will watch your vlogs more if you interact with them.


Perfect Camera for Vlogging

Whether you are already a celebrated vlogger but considering to upgrade your vlogging camera or you are just about to start a video blog and want to find out what kind of camera is best for vlogging, below are the things to consider in buying your number tool for your vlog.


Image and Video Quality

The most significant aspect of a camera for vlogging is its image quality. It is recommend you find a camera that records in Full HD or at least 1080p. Anything below that is less than the average quality of video blogs and can delay the growth of your vlog channel.


If you’re have bigger budget and need the best camera for your vlog then opt for a camera that shoots in Ultra HD. Keep in mind that if you get a camera that shoots Ultra HD you will likewise need to own a good computer to be able to edit your videos.



Cameras don’t usually weigh so much but can get unexpectedly heavy when you carry one with a lengthy arm for more than just a few minutes. There are vlogging cameras that are fairly light so you can bring them around and you won’t get sore while filming.


For video vlogs where camera can be attached on a tripod or doesn’t need to be brought around, there are also specific type of camera for that purpose.


Optical Image Stabilization

It’s very usual to film while walking or doing some activities that entail a lot of movements.


Although some video editing software can aid stabilize videos a lot, it is better to use camera with Optical Image Stabilization feature. This feature assist avoid shaky video footages and improve vlogs quality.



Your audience will not finish your vlog if they can’t hear a word you are saying. That is why it is vital to pay attention to the camera microphone before finalizing the purchase.


Each camera has an incorporated microphone with average quality but may capture unnecessary background noise. Some cameras contain a microphone jack that you can use an external audio device for better sound in your video blogs.


Camera Lens

Provided that most of your videos are taken from an arm’s extent away it’s important to search for a camera with a lens that provides high video quality while filming from close range.


If you’re still thinking of what camera is best for vlogging then choose the one that’s best suited for your requirements. If you shoot in low-light conditions you’ll need to search for cameras that address that well.

If you film while on the move as well as capturing adventures, an action camera is suited for you. You also need to have great audio so you need to have a camera that can connect external microphones.

Consider the type of video blogs you want to create and select the camera that best suits your requirements.


Keep in mind, your subscribers and viewers like you to be real so better understand what is vlogging and how can you execute a good video blog. When you do video blog, record as if you were just speaking to a close friend.

Share your thoughts, your ideas, and your opinions as if you were in some type of an open forum. The more involved and engaged you are with your viewers, the better you will do.

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