How to Cut, Grind and Polish Using Angle Grinder

If you have not tried using an angle grinder to cut, grind and polish everyday items around your house or in a construction site, then you should definitely try this unique piece of equipment. The angle grinder is one of the most powerful tools today.


Actually, you wont find a more nifty and unforgiving tool than the angle grinder. They are one of the most dangerous and loud, but one of the most essential tools used for construction jobs that can’t be done any other way.

If you are unfamiliar with an angle grinder, it works by spinning a small disc or wheel at a very high speed usually around 8,000 to 11,000 RPM, to grind and polish metal.

These items come in different shapes and sizes, and are usually used by construction workers or homeowners who know how to polish and grind their own metal at home.


One of the more common types of angle grinders are available as corded, pneumatic which is air powered, or cordless. These pieces of equipment are not cheap, but there are some that you can buy for a little over 29$ dollars.

One of the more popular ones such as the porter cable and Milwaukee is more expensive than most brands and is priced at around 345$ each.

If you have noticed, some people will use this piece of equipment to cut through metal and is usually one of the tools that homeowners usually keep in their workshops or garages to repair pipes and other items around the house.

But for professional usage, this is usually used around a construction site for a piping system or to polish discs.

If you have been using an angle grinder for some time now, and still do not know how to use it properly, there actually a lot of ways you can improve on your technique when it comes to grinding and cutting metal.

Before you do so, you must always make sure that your angle grinder works properly to avoid accidents, as this tool can be very dangerous.

Angle grinders are categorized by disc and wheel size. These disc sizes can range from 4 – 12 inches in size, but for most experimental DIYers, the usual size that they purchase will range around 4 – 4.5 inches. 4.5 is actually the safest size to perform most of your general tasks around the house.


It will also allow you to have more freedom of selection when it comes to discs and wheels.

Always take note that an angle grinder with a 5.9 amp range will give you more than enough power to cut and grind any item around your house with ease, and unless you are concerned with your mobility, you should consider a corded angle grinder rather than a cordless on to make sure that you have the best value.

If you live in an apartment or a condominium, always remember that you will not have much use for an angle grinder because everything is centralized, including the piping system.

But if you live in a traditional home where chores come normally, and you are also into some light construction projects, an angle grinder should always be part of your tool shed.

Why You Should Learn the Techniques

One of the frustrations that typical homeowners have is the fact that they cannot use their angle grinder properly. Most beginners will just turn it on and start cutting and grinding through their items without thinking about their safety.

If you are a beginner, it is always important that you find out and learn the different techniques so that you can make use of this tool more accurately and safely.

There are some pipes that are very hard to cut through and you will usually need to put in a little effort to get the job done properly.


Working on your technique will give you more advantage and will essentially help you get through your frustrations about polishing and cutting. Some people will notice that their pipes are a bit rough at the edge because they do not use the angle grinder properly.

Before you purchase this tool always make sure that you do your research, and try to watch some videos on how to learn these techniques so that you do not have such a hard time using the tool when you are working on a piece of metal at home.

Metal Cleaning

If you don’t already know the uses of an angle grinder, it is actually a multipurpose tool, and can also be used to polish and clean the metal around your home.

If you are the type of person to fiddle around your piping system, this would also be a great way to get them clean every once in a while to avoid any dirty pipes that may cause some health issues around your home.

You can purchase some wire wheels and brushes at any hardware store. These wheels are very effective when it comes to polishing and cleaning. It is capable or removing rust and paint stains that can be found in metal bars.

angle grinder

These wheels come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and you can use most of it for cleaning and deburring metal. These are also very effective tools that can be used around your garden to clean all the dirt and dried cement that can be found in your garden.

If you are looking into getting this item for cleaning, it is highly recommended.

Final Words

This tool is very useful and can be a huge advantage to your home. If you are thinking about using this tool by yourself, you must always make sure that you use it properly so that you can avoid any accidents.

All in all, this tool is recommended for those homeowners who are into making little experiments in their basement or garage. It is a very useful tool and can be used for different household tasks. If you have any items around your home that need to be polished or cut, you can always make use of the angle grinder.

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