6 Technical Tips to Know Before Owning a Gun Safe

Crimes are everywhere. You don’t even feel safe in your own home anymore. We are now in a phase where we sometimes need to learn how to protect ourselves from those vicious entities lurking around.


If you just have purchased yourself or your family a gun then most likely you might want to consider getting a gunsafe as well. Other people may think that this is not useful but in reality, this will give you a very accurate protection for you and your family.

Nothing could give you more peace of mind than knowing that your gun is placed somewhere no one could access it except yourself.​

Again, it is a must to have a gunsafe. If you don’t have any ideas on how to choose one then I would suggest that you take your time reading 6 technical tips you should know before owing a gunsafe.​



If you only have a single or double gun, you can opt to find a handgun safe which you can place underneath your bed, inside a closet or cabinet. If you have less than 10 guns in your premises, you just might get consider getting a medium sized one.

However, if you have a collection of guns, there are gun safes fitting to even until more than 60 units. A free standing gunsafe is also available for those avid collector of guns.

gun safe

​Many regretted buying small sized gunsafe because they have never thought of using them for any other things when in fact you can easily store your other valuables in there too.

You could put in your expensive watches, jewelries, cash bonds or other important non-related guns inside.

Some of the sizes give you a lot of space that you could organize well your things. There are gunsafes which are even designed to have different spaces, drawers and separators



There are different wall cases that you might want to consider too. The thickness of the plate could be thinner or thicker. These can be determined through the gauge.




They are important in choosing your gunsafe. Most of them have been tried, tested and proven over the course of time. Digital locks are easier to open with keypads being used to punch in the passcode. You would need to change the battery of such gunsafe once in a while.

Biometric gunsafe are easier and even quicker when it comes to accessing the door. It uses multiple fingerprints from the owner. This is very practical especially when the room is dark.

manual lock safe

There is no need to get a light for the keypad but simply touching the sensor would do wonder. This also requires batteries.

​Personally, I would go for the biometrics. When a burglar enters my home, I wouldn’t have to punch in the code especially when it is dark. You would need to have easy and quick access when it comes to situations like this.

Most of the gunsafe are known to be waterproof or water resistant and fireproof as well. An independent agency, tests the claims of these units for threshold levels of these gunsafes.



These could either be portable, free standing, or could be mounted unto the floor. This is to keep the thieves from being able to push the structure thus making it harder to take out. There predrilled holes on most gunsafes so it is easy for the owner to properly put it in place.

Air Vent Hidden gun Safe



Because of high huimididty, guns tends to corrode and rust. By placing your guns inside the secure safes, the air circulation is minimal thus preventing humidty in the environement.

There are silica packets and other dehumidifier available if you are still hesitant that your guns could withstand a long time.



Of course, purchase of gunsafes can be a good investment. You invest not only for your guns but also for the peace of mind.

Range of these could be from a few hundred dollars to 10,000 dollars depending on the features. Manufacturers consider their own specifications, with some simple and others with different legworks.


​There are now many retailers for gunsafes and that includes online shop as well. A good start I would say is finding it thrugh the web as they have less expenses than the brick and mortar stores.

The competition gets really stiff nowadays which is why many are giving quite good discounts and offers to their clients. Others come with free shipping cost whereas others are even tax free.

One major problem that occurs now is that this is not popular among gun owners. They simply don’t know its importance and benefits. They are not aware that it could be a lifesaver for their guns and most especially for the lives in their family. A little investment could go a long way.

Overall, this gunsafe is becoming a must in every household that owns a gun. For practical purpose, this is so far very good as it can be used with other valuables too.

Final Words

Financially, you avoid burglary and theft of your guns and lastly, you are showing that you value protection not just against negative entities but teaching everyone the importance of guarding yourselves from malicious threats inside and outside the home.

If you want to know more about it, I would recommend doing a research online and comparing the different brands and types to suit to your needs.

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