Don’t Store Large Quantities of Primers Inside a Gun Safe (Here’s Why!)

Some people think that the best place to keep guns and its accessories are is inside a gun safe. The former could be true. As for the latter, well, that information is questionable. Not all things are best kept inside a gun safe.


These would include flammable materials such as perfume and aerosols. The same is true with primers. Read the rest of the article to know the reasons why.

Overview on Ammunition Primers

Ammunition primers are a mixture of different chemical ingredients. It’s a combination that’s designed to produce gas, heat, and hot particles. Here are some of its properties:


Mishandling Will Lead to Explosion

Proper handling is a must when dealing with ammunition primers. Exposing these to friction for one can easily create an explosion.

Handle with care

You should never keep it where there is hammering, dropping, or pounding. Abusive conditions like heating by fire or sparks could make ammunition primers explode.


Primer Stored in Bulk Could Cause Massive Explosion

Ammunition primer can be likened to dynamite. It’s not recommended to store these in bulk. If one catches fire, it can cause a chain reaction. The result of this is a massive explosion.



These Can Resemble Dust Particles

This is one of the reasons why primers are potentially dangerous. They could find their way into tubes and loading machines where they could cause explosions or fires. That is why you should never shake or jolt its container.



Never Mix Primer with Water or Organic Solvents

When primer is mixed together with water or other solvents, its quality deteriorates. This would include likes of kerosene, gasoline, and paint thinner. The change could lead to poor fires or ignition.

igniting bullet


Fancy Ammunition Primers Are Just Added Expense

Primers do not absorb moisture even if these are stored even when the weather is humid. The containers that they were sold in are good enough as long as stored in a dry place. Ideally, the temperature should not exceed 150° F.


About Gun Safes

Before we discuss why there’s a need to refrain from storing large quantities of primer inside a gun safe, let’s take a look at some of the properties of gun safes first.


Gun Safes Are Fire Resistant

Some people have this fancy idea that gun safes are fire proof. Well the bad news is that they are not. These are only fire resistant. Once the gun safe reaches a certain temperature, it will eventually get destroyed. The same thing will happen to its other contents.



It Could Get Really Hot Inside

It has doors that are meant to keep the burglars out and more. It also keeps the air from circulating inside it.

high temperature

When the weather is humid, gun safes have the tendency to store moist inside it. When the weather is cold, it also gets cold inside. And when it’s hot, then expect it to be blazing hot like an oven.


It’s Where You Keep Your Guns

That is why it’s called a gun safe to begin with – it’s where you keep your guns.

big gun safe


Don't Keep Flammable Objects Inside a Gun Safe

There have been different reports of gun safes exploding. It’s because the owners made the mistake of storing flammable materials in it.


Storing Ammunition Primer in Gun Safes

By now, you may already have some idea why you’re not supposed to keep primer inside a gun safe after having read the information above.

Primer is a flammable material which can explode. The damage is greater when it‘s stored sin larger quantities. It’s not safe to store flammable materials inside a gun safe because it can get really hot inside it. This could result to explosions or fire.

ammunition in safe

Storing a huge quantity of primer inside a gun safe is like lighting up a pile of dynamite. It has the potential to cause a massive explosion.

Proper Handling of Primer

Before we discuss why there’s a need to refrain from storing large quantities of primer inside a gun safe, let’s take a look at some of the properties of gun safes first.

The cabinets should be made of lumber with a thickness of 1”. This thickness can minimize or delay the transfer of heat just in case there’s a fire incident.​

Moreover, primers should be stored in pressurized or sealed containers. Take note that this should not be contaminated with solvents so make sure that the storage area is clean. Keep trash and other combustible materials away from here.

ammunition case

Excessive heat should be avoided at all times. Flames, water heaters, direct sunlight and other sources of heat should not be present in the storage area. This also goes the same with mechanical equipment that produce friction.​

If you're not sure about the containers, then do not use these as storage bins. Make use of the factory container instead. Prohibit people from smoking inside the storage area or anywhere near it. Doing so will help prevent fire accidents.​

Manufacturers often recommend a certain quantity that you can only store. Follow this at all costs.

Final Verdict

Gun safes are made for guns, not for primers. If you choose to keep large quantities of primers, then have a special storage. This should be free from contaminants and fire risks.

If you have guns, make sure to follow safety procedures. This includes the likes of storing guns, primers, and ammunitions in their proper places.

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