Stack-On GCB-8RTA Security Plus 8-Gun Review

Stack-on is regard to be the best gun soaps that offer a high performance and service in the gun industry. The stack-on GCB-8RTA Security Plus 8-Gun is one of the best options for storing gas and keeping them far away from the reach of children.


With its affordable price, It comes with top high-end features of an efficient cabinet for storage. The storage cabinet is large enough for storing several rifles and shotguns and you do not have to worry about space availability.

Purchasing the Stack-on GCB 8RTA security plus 8-Gun, offer you the right investment that you will not regret. All customers have rated this product as the best security gun safe, and I can assure you that it deserves to be highly rated.



Heat Resistance​

Fire Resistance​



  • Affordable prices
  • Great safety
  • Has a solid design that lasts for long
  • Easy to assemble and remove the top shell
  • Provides a fast delivery


  • Hard to avoid professional theft with biometric access

Key Features


Incredible Design

The safe gun is large that it can also hold up to eight rifles and shotguns up to fifty-two inches tall. This allows you to keep as many rifles as you can. It is bigger than the other products that are under the same category, for those that love guns.

This proves to be a greater function since you can store a variety of rifles without any complication whatsoever.


Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes

The gun storage unit has pre-drilled mounting holes at the bottom and the black of the storage cabinet. This allows you to easily attach the storage cabinet to the floor and the wall at the same time.

I find this so interesting when I want to mount the storage cabinet to the wall, so amazing, and I am sure you will like this security gun safe indeed.


Easy to Assemble

This is another interesting feature of this security Gun. I come with a great ease of setting up the gun safe cabinet. You do not require any additional tool for you to assemble the various parts of the cabinet.

Therefore, it will take you only thirty minutes to finish all the necessary steps for establishing. You can have your children to help you do the setup, as it is easy to attach it closely to the wall or floor.


Foam Paddle Bottom and Barrel

Stack-On GCB- 8RTA security plus 8-Gun are covered by top high-end materials that strongly enhance the long-lasting durability for several years. It comes with the foam of scratching when you place the cabinet on the floor or wall.


Steel - Top Shelves

The adjustable steel top shelves are also present in the stack-on GCB –RTA Security plus 8- Gun that provides additional storage. When you do not need this top shelf, you can equally remove it in case space where you want to store it is not sufficient.

I use this security gun and is enjoyable, purchase the unit. and you will have the pleasure of using it without wasting your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rifle rest foam or plastic? I have seen both on the same model?

A: The rifle rest is foam. I have mine that is two - foam.

Do I need to have it secured to a wall or is it a free standing?

A: It is a free standing but to be on the safe side of the coin you can secure it to a wall for additional security.

I have a long-term shotgun of fifty-four inches long, is there any possible way that this cabinet will accommodate that length?

A: Yes. It will fit. You can remove the top steel shelves and put it in the cabinet. I have AR-15, and it fits.

Final Verdict

It is worth noting that this is the top rated security Gun that you can rely on. In case you want to safely keep your short guns and rifles then this is a suitable unit.

The stack-on GCB-8RTA is worth purchasing considering the salient features it contains thousands of customers feel happy with this security storage cabinet.

Without much ado, I recommend that if you are a gun addict, then this is the right security gun that will suit your needs. It does not compare with the other storage cabinets on the market.​

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