SKIL 6445-04-AMP 120-Volt Hammer Drill Review

Are you looking for a wonderful hammer drilling machine which can satisfy all your drilling operations? Here is a powerful Skill 6445-04-AMP 120-Volt 7.0 Amp hammer drilling tool which is ideal for a wide range of drilling operations including tough applications.


The tool is coupled with the 1/2-Inch keyed chuck that accommodates larger diameter bits significantly designed for carrying out both woodworking and cutting tasks. 

In the same design, we also have the side-assist handle which provides an extended support whenever needed.

This hammering model of drilling tool has a unique switch that you can use to set the tool to operate as a traditional driller or a hammer drill with a hammering mode of operation.

To add on that, this hammer drill also constitutes a detachable side-assist handle that provides an efficient control. This means you can operate on the two-finger design, variable-speed precision trigger button or switch. This makes your work much easier and enjoyable when using this unique hammer drill.





Heat Resistance




  • Affordable
  • Has an advanced speed control system
  • Portable
  • Can be used for various drilling tasks


  • Requires skills to operate

Key Features


Powerful 7.0 Amp Motor

The SKIL 6445-04-AMP 120-Volt 7.0 Amp hammer drill machine is nicely constructed with a 20-volt, 7-ampere powerful motor ideal for various drilling operations more so when dealing with tough applications.

This power is adequately designed to serve the entire component make up of the drilling machine including the extended attachments.

Therefore, you do not need a separate power source to supply the peripheral components since they all rely on this inbuilt motor. However, the motor is designed to produce minimal vibrations thus suitable to use.


Effective 1/2-Inch Keyed Chuck

This great SKIL 6445-04-AMP 120-Volt, 7.0 Amp hammer drilling tool, is so wonderful that it poses a well designed ½-Inch key lock chuck system.

This keyed chuck plays a very crucial role in ensuring that a larger diameter bit is suitably accepted to create room for both woodworking and confined material cutting operations.

This unique feature has significantly simplified drilling tasks since you just have to use a single tool to serve all your drilling demands.


Well-Positioned Side-Assist Handle

The Hammer Drill mentioned above has an extended smooth and nice side-assist handle designed for various purposes.

The most significant roles for this design include; to carry out the required and suitable control measures to the drill when in operation, this set up also plays a very important role in ensuring that an accurate drilling is done every moment the drill is in use.

The design offers increased comfort as well since the handles are fine and suitable for a smooth grip.


Convenient Variable Speed Trigger

The design for this great SKIL 6445-04-AMP 120-Volt 7.0 Amp hammer drilling device is highly advanced where some modern modifications are implemented in it. One of the most crucial parts is the presence of the variable speed triggering system.

This setup employs a simple double-finger operation mechanism where you can regulate the drilling speed by a suitable finger-touch on a moderating button or switch. This makes you enjoy when using this tool hence providing plenty comfort.


Small in Size and Portable

Another important characteristic of the design of this well-advanced model of drilling equipment is its small sized-feature yet very powerful. This size makes the tool manageable and convenient to carry around, and its usage becomes easy.

The portability feature is extremely important and thus highly recommended for any handheld tool. Therefore, it follows that the design of this Drill meets the required standards favorable for customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this safe come with bolts/ screw for securing it in place?

A: No, it only has a finger-tap trigger design with a keyed chuck suitably positioned.

Can the height of this drill adjust?

A: No, It does not.

Does the machine come with the casing or protective cover?

A: No, the outer housing is strong enough to serve the purpose.

Final Verdict

The powerful SKIL 6445-04-AMP 120-Volt 7.0 Amp hammer drilling tool is much cheaper as related to its comparable models of Drills.

But in spite of this reason, the product offers much better and quality work when used compared to its alternative designed models. The Drill comparably performs more than what it is quoted regarding the price.

In fact, this Drill is much better than many advanced models on the market. It, therefore, emerges to be the best with fine and clear holes it makes on various surfaces of work. I, therefore, urge you to acquire this product as urgent as possible for your better drilling job.​

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