SKIL 6239-01 5.5 Amp Variable Speed Drill Review

Nowadays, drilling has become part of any metal or wood work operations. However, various types of drills are employed for various materials. For hard materials like mild steel, a powerful drill is used.


The SKIL 6239-01 5.5 Amp Variable Speed Drill is what you need if you are looking for a powerful drill. This well-designed drill is powerful enough to drill through mild steel, hardwood, and softwood.

It has a mid-grip design to provide balance and control while working on a piece. The drill features a keyless chuck; the drill allows fast and easy bit changes.

With a variable speed trigger, the drill lets you control the drilling speed as you operate. It also has non-slip bumpers to protect your work surface and tool.

This drill has what you will call as a soft grip lined with a textured rubberized silicon and works perfectly on all handy projects whether small or large. Enough said.





Heat Resistance




  • Very powerful
  • Easy bit changes
  • Variable speed
  • Has non-slip bumpers for protection
  • Light in weight


  • Not cordless

Key Features



A good drill should be able to drill through all hard materials like mild steel, hardwood, and even softwood. The SKIL 6239-01 Variable Speed Drill is one of the powerful drills in the market.

Equipped with a powerful 5.5 Amp variable speed motor, the drill will give you an easy work while drilling through materials in the workshop. With this drill, you do not need to worry about anything in the workshop as you can drill any material comfortable and easier.


Keyless Chuck

Most workshop materials are made in a very complicated way such that accessory changes prove difficult without the user manual. However, this is not the case with this variable speed drill as its keyless chuck gives you a fast, easy bit changes whenever you feel like changing.

Therefore, you can replace your drilling bit anytime without difficulty to match the material you need to drill. You see how good this drill is?



For a good workshop tool, the user should be able to carry out an operation with the tool without being fatigued. Making workshop tools light is always most manufacturers' consideration.

The SKIL 6239-01 variable speed drive is very light in weight at only 1.4 pounds hence giving you the comfort of working through metals without being fatigued. If you need a light drill, then this variable speed drill is your ultimate choice.


Non-Slip Bumpers

It's obvious that working in the workshop requires one to be very careful with the tool they are working with as well as the material they are working on.

The SKIL 6239-01 Variable Speed Drill is made to give you maximum protection from the working surface to the tool. Having non-slip bumpers, the variable speed drill ensures it gives surface as well as tool protection guaranteeing you a safe drilling.


Variable Speed

It's important you be able to control the speed of the tool you are working within the workshop so that a better performance is achieved.

This drill is equipped with a variable speed trigger that allows you to control the drilling speed as you work on different materials. Also, the mid-grip design of the drill ensures there is balance and better control of the drill while it is in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the actual weight of this drill?

A: The drill is about 1.4 pounds.

Does this drill come with a casing?

A: No, it doesn't come with a case.

Can you drill stainless steel with this tool?

A: Yes, you can drill stainless steel with this drill.

Final Verdict

The SKIL 6239-01 5.5 Amp Variable Speed Drill 3/8" is a good all-around drill for any homeowner. It is very easy to use even with one hand. It also has a spirit level that will guide you to drill in a very straight line.

With a variable speed motor, the drill will ensure you can match the different drilling speeds required for each material.

This drill is tough, impact resistant with silicon bumpers that will protect not only your drill but also your workspace. It is a very nice quality of drill for your money and can be used anywhere anytime.

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