4 Straightforward Rules to Keep Things Inside Gun Safe

While some people may think that gun safes are foolproof in every way, guess what? They are not. Keep the wrong stuff inside it and you could be courting trouble. Many experts would recommend that you buy a gun safe if you have guns. And it’s true.


A gun safe could deter thieves from stealing the stuff that’s stored in them. That is why many people have this idea that it’s the safest place to keep valuables inside the house.

Little do they know, it’s the same stuff that they’re keeping inside the gun safes that’s putting them in trouble.​ How about you? Are you keeping things inside the gun safe that are best kept in another place?​

Rules for Keeping Things Inside The Gun Safe

There are three basic rules that you need to follow when keeping things inside the gun safe. These are the following:

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    Do not put things inside the gun safe that are potentially hazardous to your safety.
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    Do not put anything in it where the whole household ends up having access to the gun safe.
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    Do put some things in the gun safe that will make it more secure or keep your firearms in good condition.

Never Store These Things



Did you know that ammunition could potentially destroy a gun safe? Yes! that’s right! News reports have shown how gun safes were destroyed in fires.

The reason was that the owners made the mistake of keeping ammunition inside their gun safes. These reached a certain temperature that caused their gun safes to blow up.


Ideally, ammunitions are best kept in a separate container. A box should suffice. These could burn up, but at least they won’t blow up, not unlike when you keep them inside a gun safe.​

If you’re worried that some burglar might try to steal your ammunition, purchase a sturdy metal box. Then, chain this as an added precaution.



You are better off keeping these in a separate safe. If you keep jewelry inside your gun safe, chances are, you will be sharing the key or code with the person who owns them.

Just remember how many times the door to your locker was left open by your partner. If it happened to you more than once, then it’s a red flag. There’s a chance that your partner will end up forgetting to close the door or spin the dial on the gun safe.


Get a separate safe especially meant for your jewelry if these are really valuable to you. Either that, or be in the risk of having your guns stolen of toyed with by the kids.



It could get hot inside the gun safe. Perfume is a flammable material. Flammable material plus high temperature lead to fires. There’s a myth about gun safes that people usually fall trap to – that these are fire proof.

Well, the truth is, they are not. They’re just fire resistant and there’s a big difference between the two. Fire proof means that it will never be destroyed by fire no matter how hot the fire gets.


Fire resistant means that the gun safe will eventually be toast once it reaches a certain temperature. That is why you’re not supposed to keep any type of flammable liquid inside it.



It may look like the best place to keep important papers like deeds, birth certificates, power of attorney and the like, but don’t.


Paper is a combustible material. It may be okay when the weather is cold, but what if it’s summer? You don’t want to attract fire accident with the use of your gun safe. Keep the papers inside a drawer instead.

Things That You Can Keep

Yes, there are things that you shouldn’t keep inside the gun safe, but there are some things that you should have in it aside from your firearms. Examples of these are as follows:



Gun safes have doors that were designed to prevent air from flowing inside it. The downside to this is that it can trap unwanted moisture within its confines.

Firearms are made of metal. If these are exposed to moisture, they will eventually rust. This is something that could render them useless.

On top of this, mildew and fungi could form as a result of the moisture buildup. You can prevent this from happening simply by keeping a dehumidifier inside the gun safe.


There are two types dehumidifiers sold in the market. You can either choose from desiccant dehumidifiers that contain crystals or electrical dehumidifiers.



You may have seen it once in an action film – a gun safe that lights up when the actor opens its door. Well, in the real world, you’ll need to buy that separately.

LED lights are perfect for this purpose. Rechargeable types are the cheapest way to illuminate the inside of a gun safe. These are energy efficient too so you only need to recharge them once in a while.


If you want something fancier, check out gun safe lights that are sold online. You can even get these in varied colors.

Final Verdict

Gun safes can keep your guns safe provided that you won’t be keeping things that you shouldn’t be keeping in them. These would include your jewelry, paper, and flammable materials.​ Remember to take note of the things above and your gun safe can be one of the best purchases you ever had.​

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