The Best Place to Put a Gun Safe in Your House

One of the main concerns of a firearm owner is where to put their gun safes. Another concern would have to be what gun safe to get that will both be durable and safe for your weapons. Compared to looking for a gun safe and finding a place to put it...


The latter would be the more important question to answer, because even if you have a good safe but can't find a place where it is hidden by other people who could use it without your permission, you defeat the whole purpose of getting a gun safe.

There are many ways that you can be successful when it comes to finding a place to put your gun safe. You can be as creative as you want, for as long as the place that you are keeping it in is not noticed.

You can keep it in the back of a cabinet, on the wall where it can be covered by a painting or a mirror, or even underneath your floorboards.

safe at cabinet

The options are limitless if you want to be really crafty, but again keeping in mind that these places have to be unseen to ensure that no robbers come near it.​

Being crafty also has its requirements and risks. As mentioned, if you were to experiment in different places, you also have to take note that aside from making sure that your safe is hidden from potential threats, there are also various risks that come with certain locations.​

For example, if you want to keep your gun safe in the basement then your safe will be at risk of getting flooded and burned because the basement is very humid. It will be safe from robbers but not safe from environmental risks.​

safe at basement

So, with all of that in mind, be sure that you are aware of your surroundings before attempting to place your safe in that area. Here we have listed some tips on where to place your gun safe, and ensure that they are free of any risks.

Best Place to Put Your Gun Safe for Theft Protection

The first place that a robber will most likely try to target is your bedroom, followed by other parts of your home like the office, garage or others.

Your main goal is to keep your gun safe hidden well, so putting it in places like your living room, dining area, or any place where guests tend to stay in your home will add risks of theft. It is better to keep it in hidden places like a closet.

Ideally, closets are one of the best places for keeping your gun safe. This will work especially if you have coat closets or room closets other than those that are located in the master bedroom and office.

This will also be of huge benefit because the gun safe is protected from both sides provided that it is securely bolted down to the closet and cannot be toppled over.

Consider Wall Gaps

When using a closet, its location from the outside walls make it hard to see from the window and will keep it safe and at a low temperature in the case of a fire.

The door of the closet will allow the gun safe to be concealed when it is closed, or you can protect it with a lock. The walls on each side of the closet will also help block the gun safe from forceful attacks for as long as it is securely bolted down.

Because the doors on the safe open against a wall, it will be difficult for a robber to pry it open with a pry bar, but again remember that it should be securely bolted down to the closet.

safe at wall gaps

Even if you do not have this type of closet, just mounting your gun safe on the outside corner and building a small wall on the sides will increase protection from theft greatly.

No matter the location you select to place your gun safe, make sure that it is at least 6” or over 18” away from the wall. Consider wall gaps of between 6” to 18” will increase the risk of a car jack or other tools to rip it out the gun safe bolts in of the closet.

Place Your Gun Safe for Convenience and Easy Access

A gun owner will rarely use a gun safe that takes too long to get to or not easy to find. Making it accessible is a must.

Always remember that if your gun safe is not easy to get to, there will be a tendency for you to keep your gun in other places aside from the gun safe, which will make you wonder why you even bought the gun safe in the first place.

gun safe

When choosing a gun safe location, always remember to out think robbers and other risks but also keeping in mind that you shouldn’t be out thinking yourself. For a gun safe to be used regularly, you have to make it convenient to get to but hidden from threats.

Final Verdict

All in all, choosing the right place for your gun safe means that it also has to be convenient and easy to find but hidden.

You can be creative provided that you also take note of the possible risks that come with the environment you choose for your safe. Being sure of all these beforehand will keep your guns safe from robbers, fires, and floods.​

Gun safes are the best options to use when it comes to securing your firearms, but you also have to be responsible and make sure you keep it away from people who shouldn’t be using it. Owning a gun entails some added responsibility so do consider this before making a decision to buy one.

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