Porter-Cable PC600D 6 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Drill Review

The Porter-Cable PC600D6 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable speed drill is greatly designed such that it has a high-performance rate. The driller has a robust construction in that it delivers adequate and reliable power supply and very durable for activities that require extended machine usage.


The device is well designed with a high-output, coupled with a 6.0-ampere motor capable of operating within a range of 0- 2,500 revolutions-per-minute (RPM), this PC600D 3/8-inch model is purposely designed to provide the required speed needed for a variety of drilling tasks.

The high-torque gear makes up enables the drill useful for both metal and wood fabrication. The Driller also have the pilot hole drilling its frame design, and other different applications that require the extra run-time operations of the corded drill.

The lightweight characteristic of this advanced Driller promotes handholding of the drill which incorporates a variety of special features such as a variable-speed trigger for specifically operated speed control where a two-sleeve, keyless chuck for rapid bit changes and a belt clip to secure the tool.

It also has a six-foot-long and high-grade cord with lock-on button for smooth control of the Drilling machine during the long hours of operation.





Heat Resistance




  • Highly portable
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Long term warranty


  • Has no adjustable height

Key Features


6.0-Ampere Motor

The Porter-Cable PC600D6 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable speed drill is smartly designed with a powerful 6.0-amp motor which delivers sufficient energy for entire drilling tool operations and its attachments.

This also ensures that the driller serves for long and gives maximum output. Power losses cases and overheating are greatly minimized in this design of this model of the drilling device.


Keyless 3/8-Inch Chuck

The construction of this great model of variable speed is special in that it has a Keyless flexible chuck that is designed specifically for providing quick and easy bit adjustments.

This design favors a smooth change of speed and positioning of the driller to accommodate different types of drilling tasks or operations. This also offers increased comfort when handling the tool.


0-2500 RPM Variable Speed Triggers System

The Porter-Cable PC600D6 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable speed drill has a special inbuilt system which enables the tool to operate up to as high as 2,500 revolutions per minute.

This wide speed range enables the device to meet a variety of speed demands for a broad range of drilling applications.

With such great design, a wide variety and high-quality products can be obtained from various drilling tasks granted this variable speed driller and provides the best results ever.


Lock-on Button

The variable speed drive driller mentioned above has been well designed with a simple, suitably positioned Lock-on button which can be easily pressed by use of just a fingertip.

This design has greatly contributed to increased comfort to the users of the product. The special Lock-on Button provides easier control during long hours of operation.



This The Porter-Cable PC600D6 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable speed drilling tool is offered and backed up with a three-year limited warranty to cover any defects as a result of faulty materials used or workmanship valid from the date of purchase.

Also, the device is also covered by Porter-Cable's annual free service contract, where Porter-Cable will maintain the drilling tool and replace worn out parts that may be caused by a normal use for free through Porter Cable service center network system.

Therefore, you do not need to worry since the product is greatly secured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this drilling device come with the casing?

A: No, it does not.

Does it have a non-locking Burton or switch like their comparable types of variable speed drills?

A: No, it has a pull trigger button type with a lock on top.

Does the product come with extra attachments?

A: Yes, it comes with the necessary ones.

Final Verdict

The Porter-Cable PC600D6 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable speed drill is cheaper comparable to other models of drillers. Despite this reason, the product delivers increased comfort and very quality tasks as compared to other models of the tool.

This tool performs better than it costs. In fact, the Driller is comparable to many advanced models on the market. This model comes out to be the best with smooth and variety of speed of operation.

I, therefore, recommend you to get this highly rated tool at an affordable price on our market, and you will be very comfortable with it.

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