7 Tips to Follow While Choosing the Right Gun Safe Today!

A gun safe is an important investment for every gun owner. Many states require it as part of gun safety procedure not only against theft, but also against accidental shootings. Many accidental shootings happen among teens and children because their parent’s guns are not secured in a safe.


If you want to protect your family from shooting accidents while also protecting your firearms from theft, a gun safe is a necessity.

With the different brands and models available in the market, it is hard to determine which gun safe is right for you. Here are 7 tips on how to pick up the right gun safe for you:


Buy A Gun Safe Bigger than What You Think You Need

When it comes to choosing the size of your gun safe, bigger is better! Do not think just of the present—think about how your gun collection may grow in the future.

If you buy a small safe for your gun now, you might need to buy a new safe if you decide to buy a bigger gun or add guns to your collection. A bigger gun safe can help you save money for the future.


Also, a gun safe can protect not just your guns, but also other valuable items. You can include expensive jewelleries or important documents inside a large gun safe.


Check The Material

Remember that not all gun safes are created in the same way—they are actually made of different materials. If you want a durable safe, you should check what it is made of.

Focus on the thickness of the metal used. If the metal is thin, it would be easy for burglars to destroy it and get the valuables inside.

gun safe

A good gun safe should be made of 10 to 7 gauge steel. The steel should also be protected against rust or other stains.​

You should also check the door construction. Usually, the doors should be the thickest and sturdiest part of the gun safe. Good quality safes usually have at least ½ inches steel plate on their doors.


Fireproof Gun Safe—Only Fire Resistant

Fires are one of the most common dangers that a gun safe could face. It can be very dangerous if guns and ammunitions are exposed to fire.

Some gun safe manufacturers claim that their products are fireproof —do not be fooled! There is no such thing as a gun safe that is completely fireproof.

fireproof gun safe

Most gun safes can only resist fire for around one hour—more than the specified fire resistance classification, it would be burned down. It is recommended that you buy a gun safe that can resist fire for at least an hour.


You Can “Waterproof” Your Own Gun Safe

Despite common belief, cases of gun safe water damage are more prevalent than or fire. According to reports, while there are 381,000 house fires that have caused gun safe damages; there are 730,000 water damage incidents.

So how can you protect your gun safe from water damages? Instead of buying a waterproof safe that is quite expensive and not as effective, you can “water proof” your own gun safe.

To make sure that your guns and other valuables would not get wet, you can place it inside a rubber or plastic container before putting it into the gun safe.

This is more effective than waterproof safes that can actually be penetrated by water after being exposed for a long time to floods or in case of fires, to the firemen’s water.


Security and Fire Resistance Rating Is Best for You

How would you know if the gun safe is really secured against theft and fire? Gun safes receive security and fire resistance ratings after being tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

The UL Residential Security Container (RSC) Certificate indicates the security rating of the gun safe when it faces forced entry.

For example, a gun safe with UL TL-15 rating means that it can resist a forced entry for an assault time of 15 minutes using common tools such as drills or grinders.


In the case of fire resistance, the gun safes are rated based on how long they can keep their contents below a specific temperature.

For example if the UL rating is 300-1 hour, it means that the safe and its contents would not get hotter than 300 degree Fahrenheit within one hour exposure to fire.


Ask If There Is A Warranty

When a gun safe has a warranty, more likely it is high quality. Manufacturers do not easily give warranties if they know that their products are not durable.


Carefully check the provisions of the warranty service before buying. Some gun safes have warranty for floods, fires, and theft.


Prices and Specifications of Different Brands

Do not buy a gun safe without comparing prices and specifications of different brands. There are differences among what brands offer so you have to be meticulous.


Do not be easily deceived by brand promotions, checking and comparing the prices of products with the same specifications can help you save a lot of money. You would be able to find the best, only if you exert enough effort in making comparisons.

Final Verdict

​Buying a gun safe might need extra effort and money, but it would be definitely worth it if you would buy the right one. Remember that this is for the safety of your guns, valuables, and most especially, your family so you deserve no less than the best.

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