5 Ways to Organize Your Tools for Quick Access

Have you ever experienced finding some tools but you can’t remember where you placed them in your work shed? For a lot of people, making sure that they remember where they tools are is not an easy task to take note of.


Sometimes a hammer ends up in a drawer, or your screwdriver ends up in your kitchen. Next thing you know, you will end up having to hunt for all these tools in different areas of your home, every time that you need it for a minor repair.

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Whether you own a small collection of tools or a large one, making sure that you organize them properly will be so much easier for you the next time that you will need them.

Not only will this end up saving you loads of time, but it will also prevent you from getting frustrated and annoyed because you cant find the tools that you need.

​​Organizing your tools might seem like it is more work that it is worth, because it takes up too much time, but you will find that organizing your tools will pay off significantly after. If you do not know how to do this, here are some tips on how you can organize your tools effectively.

How To Organize Your Tools?

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Organize Your Tools

When it comes to organizing your tools, you must always make sure that you have all your tools in one place so that you do not end up having to go on a treasure hunt every time you need them. Here are some ways you can be as productive as you can with your tools as you can:


Make an Inventory

Before you start with anything, the first thing that you have to do is take an inventory of all the tools that you own in your home, so that you can figure out where to place them.

Make sure that you open everything in your house, such as the drawers, cabinets, cupboards, and other areas where you think you might have placed your tools.

tools Inventory

Also make sure that you can find a place where you can place all your tools in front of you. After you have seen all your tools, organizing this will become easier and much simpler.


Sort by Categories

Once you have all your tools together and you are starting to see what you are dealing with, start by placing everything of the same function together in one place so that you can take note of the tools that you have.

Make sure that you list it down, so that you know where to place it. Put all the hand tools in one particular area, then place the power tools in another and everything that you use on occasion in its own pile.

Once you have organized everything by category, you will find it a lot easier to organize everything in different areas of your work shed.

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tools Categories

Of course during this process, you will find that most of your tools will have a second function. Like your drill for example, will probably have drill bits included in the packaging or if you have a socket wrench, you will most likely have parts that go with this tool as well.

You will need to know how to organize these as well so that you do not end up loosing them. It honestly doesn’t matter how you do it, but your organizing system needs to make sense to you, even if it doesn’t to other people.


Make Use of Small Drawers

If you have a bunch of small nuts and bolts lying around your tools, it is also important that you find a place to put these so that you do not end up loosing any of these.

Chances are that these can become very important to most small repair jobs around your house. You can store these materials by getting some small drawers to place them in.

Make sure to organize this also by placing all of those that look the same in one compartment and labeling it with the name of the small material that you have, so that you do not end up mixing everything together.

Small Drawers

This could be a great way to organize your small bolts, since these are small, most likely there will be more chances of them falling in the floor or getting lost in a small hole somewhere, so always make sure that you secure the compartments, so that no parts can fall out.


Make Use of a Peg Board

As mentioned above, after you have organized all your tools according to type, you can now store them together by using a peg board. A peg board is a good tool for you to hang your tools in.

since these boards have holes, you can easily attach any nails on there, then hang all the wrenches, screwdrivers and other tools that you have on the board.

Peg Board

Make sure that you do this properly, so that you do not end up making a mistake. Organizing these tools by type is the best way for you to find it quickly.


You Can Use a Toolbox

For specific tools and out of home jobs, it is always better that you get a toolbox, so that you can place all your tools in one place. You can also use this around your house to segregate the hammers, tape measures and the screwdrivers in one place.

This will make it easier for you to find. These toolboxes can be found in any hardware store and are mostly very cheap.


Final Words

Organizing your tools must be done with complete patience, because you will never be able to do this with out patience. Second, you must always make sure that you segregate all of these tools according to their function so that it is easier for you to find.

And lastly, make sure that you find a good place to put them in so that you do not end up loosing it again.

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