What Makes a Good Gun Safe?

Do you use firearms for a sport like hunting? Or do you use it for protection? Owning a firearm means that you have to be responsible enough for keeping it safe and away from other people. That is why owning a gun safe is crucial for other people's protection as well as your own.


If you do not own a gun safe, you will face a pretty hefty liability if your firearm gets stolen. Purchasing a safe is not an easy task, but there is a way around how to choose the right one.

There are a lot of safes choose from with unlimited design options, but analyzing facts can take up a lot of your time. Luckily, we have prepared a quick guide to help you pick the right gun safe, with the right price and the right features that are carefully crafted to fit your needs.​

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Additionally, we have also included some of the need to know information based on what qualities you should look for in a safe, and answer questions that you may have like “What kind of safe do I really need?” and “What kind of safe can I get that can be used for all shapes and sizes of firearms?”​

Take a look at these tips to help you gather more information before you look for a gun safe for you.​

Judge Your Gun Safe By Its Weight

When it comes to looking for a safe that has good quality, you will also have to keep in mind that the steel has to be very durable.

If you want something that is standard, keep in mind that most standard model gun safes are made out of 12-gauge steel, which is quite strong though it will not be safe from robbers because it can be easily tackled with a drill or an axe.

Also, the standard models are a little lighter than most gun safes, which can also be easy for a thief to carry it out of your home.

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Before buying a standard, make sure that the door is well fitted to the seams so that it will not be easy to pry open or cut with a plasma cutter or grinder.

Remember, the heavier the steel gauge, the pricier the gun safe. So, if you are going to look for a gun safe, ensure that the steel gauge is higher than average, or at least heavier in weight so that you can be secured that your firearms are safe from burglars.

Important Do’s and Don’ts of Buying A Gun Safe

Before buying a gun safe, you should take note of the different Do's and Don'ts, so that you can steer clear of accidentally purchasing a gun safe that does not have the qualities that you desire:


Purchase A Safe That Is Big Enough

If you are a hardcore gun enthusiast or an avid fan of hunting, it can be guaranteed that your collection of guns will start to grow over the course of time, a durable safe more than just a place to put your firearms becomes a safe storage device for also your other family valuables.

With the important documents and savings that you will normally be acquiring, you will notice that you might start to need a larger safe with bigger room to place all your valuables in.

More than anything else, it is always better to have extra space than no space at all. Even if spending extra can be pretty painful in your pocket, you will start to notice that the extra money that you have spent will start to pay off in the long run.

Remember that your gun collection alone, could cost thousands of dollars, would you want a thief to bust it open and steal everything in it just because you have an unreliable safe? Maybe not.


Don't Store Gun Powder in Your Safe

Do not make the mistake of storing gunpowder in your safe along with all your stored firearms. Take note that a tightly sealed safe with huge amounts of gunpowder inside can turn into a bomb without you noticing it.

More than anything else, it is always better to have extra space than no space at all. Even if spending extra can be pretty painful in your pocket, you will start to notice that the extra money that you have spent will start to pay off in the long run.


Keep your gun powder in a separate but secure area, like a wooden box or a lightly constructed cabinet, just be sure to keep it dry and away from moisture and light.


Take Note of The Safe Specifications

Just because you found a cheaper safe that is heavy and big does not necessarily mean that it is secure enough for you to place your firearms in.

Heavy duty means gauge steel that is resistant from cutting and drilling. It would be recommended to get at least a minimum of 8-gauge steel or a 10 gauge, which is better.


The safe should also include an Underwriter Laboratories "Residential Security Container" to help you decide better. Safe's that include this will be rated a top notch.

Final Verdict

Safety should always be a priority. If you own a firearm, it will be vital to select a good gun safe that will not be easily broken or at least heavy enough to avoid potential robbers from carrying it out of your home.

No matter how expensive one safe can be, spending a little extra on safety will always be a good choice to make, because it will pay off in the end.​

Firearms serve various purposes. It can be used as protection or it can be used for harm. Be a responsible firearm owner by ensuring no one else can access your gun but you.​

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