8 Things You Need to Learn from the Manual after Buying a Gun Safe

You will learn valuable information from the manual of a gunsafe! You should then take the time to read the instructions manual before installing it. Here are a few things that you should know about it.


Learn The Following Information from The Manual

Every gunsafe manufacturer must provide its buyers with an instructions manual. Each manufacturer can also decide on the information contained in it. But the following information is common, especially for gunsafes made in the United States.


Brand, Model and Manufacturer

These are necessary pieces of information because consumers partly rely on brand recall. You will buy Gunsafe A over Gunsafe B because of the manufacturer’s reputation.

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When buying the parts, the brand and model may also needed by the retailer. You can state the information so that the choices can be narrowed down.


Set-up and Installation Information

The step-by-step guide in the set-up and installation part of the manual is its heart. You should read it from start to finish for various reasons.

First, you will get information about the basic and specialized skills and tools needed. You can gather these things even before installation starts. You can save time and energy going back and forth for them.

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Second, you can understand the set-up instructions resulting in the best results. You will also avoid costly installation mistakes and, thus, save yourself the aggravation. You can even void a warranty with an installation error!​

You are also minimizing the risks of hazards and, thus, of injuries to yourself and others. For example, the manufacturer will recommend anchoring the gunsafe to the wall and/or floor.

Otherwise, it can become loose over time and become a safety risk for everybody in the house.

Plus, the proper installation of a gun safe will contribute to its proper operation. For example, the manual will likely contain information about setting up the fingerprint scanner.


Warranty and Servicing Details

The details about warranties on parts and labor are important for all users. You should know the warranty limitations including the coverage period for your own protection. You will also get information about who, where and when to contact service technicians.


You should write down the following information on the front cover of the manual:

  • Make and model
  • Date of purchase
  • Warranty period
  • Serial Number

When the need arises, you will have a handy reference. This is more convenient instead of digging into your memory or checking the gunsafe.


Power Requirements

The energy required in the operation of a gunsafe may be small. This is true even for the ones with biometric technology. You should still find it out that the right rechargeable batteries can be used.



Accessories Included and Optional in The Product

The gunsafe will usually have accessories included in the package. You can then check whether every single accessory has been shipped or not. You may then contact the manufacturer or retailer about the missing pieces.

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Many gunsafes also come with optional accessories. You may or may not buy them depending on your needs and wants in a gunsafe. You can, for example, buy a software that will keep track of who and when the gunsafe was opened.


List of Parts

The manual may also contain a list of parts included in the package. Aside from the names, the ordering codes for the parts may also be listed. The replacements can then easily be found.


You must then keep the manual in a safe place for future reference. You may have to replace a fire seal, for example, so its ordering code will come in handy.


Features and Functions

The manual will also outline the standard and special features of the gunsafe. The information will likely include:

  • How it works
  • What each button on the control panel does
  • Why perform certain procedures
  • What not to do with the product (i.e., dos and don’ts)
  • What the special security features are

You can damage the gunsafe because of your laziness in reading the manual! You cannot blame the manufacturer for it and ask for a refund for this reason.


Maintenance and Troubleshooting Measures

The gunsafe can be damaged while in your possession. But if you have read the manual, you should know first-aid for it, so to speak. You can also apply the recommended maintenance measures, such as cleaning, if you did.


Your gunsafe will be a great place to store your guns when you know exactly what to do with it. This includes everything from setting it up to troubleshooting its issues.

Reasons to Read The Manual


Fast, Easy and Convenient Installation

Why commit costly mistakes when you can take the words of the experts in the product? The manufacturer is the best resource to get the installation righto on your first try.



Keep The Terms of The Warranty

The proper set-up and use of the gunsafe means that the warranty will likely apply. You can save money on the parts and labor, in case the gunsafe becomes damaged within the coverage period. Otherwise, you can void the warranty, perhaps during installation.

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Know The Best Uses for The Gun Safe

The information contained in the manual may not be available anywhere else. You will gain information about the dos and don’ts of its use, thus, extend its life.

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Know The Safety Procedures

The gunsafe will only be as good as its use as a secure storage for your guns when you can use it safely. You will know, for example, that it should be installed in a level floor. You will also know the best ways to keep the fingerprint scanner secure.


The bottom line: Read the instructions manual before installing and using the gunsafe!

Final Verdict

​Buyers of gunsafes should read the instructions manual from start to finish. You, the buyer, will learn plenty of useful recommendations for the gunsafe’s best uses.

The instructions manual can either be included in the package or downloaded from the web. Whatever the case, you should have a copy for your reference. You will also need it for warranty purposes.​

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