How Can You Deep Clean a Toilet?

Cleaning a toilet is one task that frequently gets deferred, but it's necessary to keep toilets clean and spotless. A dirty toilet will smell bad, look bad, and breed germs that may cause illnesses. However, as with other life's less pleasant responsibilities, knowing how to clean a toilet...


However, as with other life's less pleasant responsibilities, knowing how to clean a toilet now can avoid problems later. With these directions, you will get through this job efficiently and quickly.

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Quick Cleaning


If you are resisted by the idea of cleaning your toilet, you'll want to find out quick and easy ways on how to clean a bathroom. You have everything you would need ready to go earlier so the procedure can be completed as quickly as probable.

Grab rubber hand gloves, which are vital, a toilet brush, an old toothbrush, sanitary wipes, clean paper towels or rags, and toilet cleaner.

Here is a hygiene tip - maintain a pair of rubber gloves exclusively for the purpose of cleaning your toilet. Get them in a color that is dissimilar from other pair of hand gloves you have. This way, you will not accidentally use your toilet hand gloves for washing dishes.


You may likewise want to get some all-purpose cleaning product handy. You can buy this at a grocery store. However, to save some cash, you can likewise make your own solution by adding one tablespoon dish soap to six oz of water.


You can clean the various parts of your toilet in any sequence you prefer, but, if you are in a rush, you may consider that it is better to start with the toilet bowl.

This way, when you splash any murky water out of the toilet bowl while you are cleaning it, the water will not get into the areas of the toilet that you have already cleaned. Make use of a toilet brush to remove any mineral deposits or stains you see.


You may prefer to apply light pressure to take away caked-on stains. For more cleaning power, pour an all-purpose cleaner or little toilet cleaner into the water, then put the brush in it.


After you have cleaned the toilet bowl, next are the primary points of contact and these are the bottom and top lids. Use all-purpose cleaner and rags, or paper towels, or sanitary wipes to provide both the lids a fast but full cleaning on each side.


If you like to, make use of an old toothbrush to brush the hard-to reach points between the cover and the body of your toilet including the hinges.


Finally, for the last phase on how to clean toilet bowl, make your toilet porcelain squeaky-clean. By using a mist bottle, spray the outer part of the toilet with some all-purpose cleaner. 


Using a paper towel or rag, wipe down the toilet's porcelain, giving special attention to its handle. Otherwise, you may just dip a paper towel or rag in warm water or cleaning solution, re-dipping the towel or rag when it is stained.

Deep Cleaning


Use a pair of waterproof gloves, preferably made from rubber materials, to clean your toilet. This part of your house can be a harbor bacteria so you will prefer to keep your hands as dry and clean as possible when you are cleaning your toilet.



It is essential to give your toilet a preliminary inspection with hot water. While you are cleaning the other parts of the toilet, hot water will sink in, help in loosening up grime and dirt, and making your succeeding efforts a lot easier.


Dampen a sponge with some hot water and apply around the tank, seat, lid, exterior, and base of the toilet bowl. Often, this will be sufficient to completely remove grim and dirt without the necessity for special cleaning items.


Specially-formulated cleaners can aid you eliminate rings, stains, and mineral deposits in the toilet. Dab or squirt cleaner on the inner part of the rim of the toilet bowl, permitting it to drip down the all sides of the toilet bowl and into the water.

It is vital to apply cleaner to the inner part of the bowl's rim since this zone is frequently ignored, which can result to brown mineral accumulation along the bowl rim.


Read the manufacturer's directions for the cleaning product you use. Numerous cleaners work excellent if you let them to soak in the toilet bowl.


Using a firm-bristled brush for toilet, scrub the whole bowl thoroughly, giving special attention to any mineral deposits and stains that may buildup along the water line and at the rear of the toilet bowl. The more firmly and thoroughly you scrub the toilet bowl, the cleaner it will be.


Flushing washes the bowl as well as the brush. Just continue to scrub the bowl as the water drains, as the movement of the water may not be sufficient to rinse all the dirt away.

handle requires to be extra-clean


Clean the other part of the toilet using a disinfectant cleaner. Once cleaned, you should also clean the other part of the toilet, even if it is not as unclean.

When you are done, you have a beautiful, even sheen toilet and it will likewise be free of harmful germs and bacteria. Use a mist bottle of "bathroom" or "all-purpose" disinfectant cleaner to spray the entire toilet.


Make certain to get both the bottom and top of the toilet seat and the exterior of the toilet bowl, including its base. Apply light pressure with a paper towel or cloth to wipe away the cleaner.


The handle requires to be extra-clean since you touch it each time you use your toilet. If it is a breeding area for bacteria that may transfer to your fingers when you flush.


Make sure to apply the handle a substantial coat of disinfectant spray. You are more probable to provide yourself with germs from that handle than from any other area of the toilet, so better clean it well.


Cleaning your toilet can be a very horrible chore, but it's not complicated if you follow the simple ways on how to clean a toilet. The appropriate way stops the spread of viruses and bacteria and also saves energy and time.

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