Can Kids Open Your Gun Safes? – Be Aware!

How certain are you that a thief cannot reach the fully loaded gun that is supposed to be enclosed in your closet? Are you sure that your child cannot gain access to your weapon?


Apparently, we would never have thought that an unauthorized person could open our personal safe without struggling too much. Some personal safes which are actually protective casing for guns were cracked.

It goes the same for those safes that are geared for securing guns and other personal valuables. Personalities like Toby Bluzmanis, Matt Fiddler and Marc Tobias toyed around the idea of using small household items to open at least seven personal safes.


Would you have imagined using a drinking straw, clothes hanger and paper clips to be able to open a safe? Impossible as it may seem but that is the real scenario.

One safe which they threw on the floor was just open ajar in a spur of the moment. At the current situation now, most of the households own a weapon as a means of protecting themselves.

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine came up with a conclusion that about a thousand of minors are accidentally killed each year by guns, sad to say that most of them being used were the ones owned by their own family.

Amazon and Walmart’s safes were the ones which these researchers tested and fiddled around.


You would not have believed such because most of them were even certified as secure locks and even containing California penal code on keeping firearms.

A remark was made by one of the researchers that these manufacturers don’t even comprehend what security engineering is and that these safes should be taken out of the market unless they try to fix their major glitches.

This should be done before it is too late, before anything happens. This research actually was initiated by Ed Owens who was a detective from Vancouver’s Clark County Sheriff.

His 3 year old toddler was accidentally shot by his older stepsister, aged 11, in 2010. They were able to access the loaded gun inside a safe, a Stack-On brand.

In 2003, there was an incident when a child had a tragic ending because a gun was in his reach. As a matter of fact, Stack-On safes were even issued to deputies to make sure that guns are kept out from the minors.

Owens actually recalled that he was talking about the unsecure safe and that it was not properly working before the family tragedy happened. There was no action against his complaining but he was blamed instead for failure to reporting the safe.

1320 model safes had been recalled by Stack-On in 2004. They could just be opened by trying to jiggle the doorknob. According to the sheriff’s department, those were not the same as the one that was bought by the Law Enforcement.


It was found in the research that by simply moving the bouncing pin, the magnet moves up and down and the combination was unessential. This causes the door to open on its own.

Simply, that alone proves that any young child could accidentally open the door of the lock without having to know the lock code itself. Hence, that was what happened to the three year old. Furthermore, they tested other models to see if those have the same problems.

Four more models from Stack-On and other brands such as Amsec, Gun Vault and Bulldog were tested. It was unfortunate enough that these safes were opened without too much effort and knowledge of the lock codes.

bulldog safe

There were some instances that theyweren’t even known that these have been opened. Owners would not have known that someone opened it and the valuables were removed. These safes are even used by the TSA in storing their documents and airports evidences.

PS Biometrics safe from Stack-on was also examined. Three other models have been tried just to confirm their output and with these three different models, all of them were so easy to open.


These safes have a combination lock - keypad, key bypass and the biometric fingerprints.

Another unbelievable thing was that these safes were made of steel, obviously should withstand different forces but with the use of a paper clip, in a split of mere seconds, one easily opened the door.

Simply pushing through the hole which has its lock mechanism and moved some snaps inside and everything was all out in the open. Another examination on electronic lock which was even TSA certified as a gun safe, was also easily opened. Key pad lock as its locking mechanism.


In many ways, these vaults were opened by the researchers without much effort. Insertion into the hole and removing a plate easily was easily done in just a few seconds.

Another method the researchers did was trying to manipulate the reset button with the use of a screw driver. Lastly, they examined Stack-on’s high end security vault with a combination lock and key pass.

What they did was tearing a small hole again with the use of a simple tool, used a wire and inserted it to reverse the solenoid and the safe’s door immediately sprung open.

A clip was only used to open the pass key. Another expensive Stack-on vault was also opened using the drinking straw from a popular chain restaurant.

It looked sturdy enough to withstand a lot of energy but unbelievably, a straw could pop it open.

Final Verdict

The researchers tested the rest of the safes, sad to say, they were not as secure as we want them to be. Would you really be able to depend on these kinds of safes?

You may think that gun safes can keep your loved ones safe but this is not always the case. Make sure the lock mechanism is child-proof!

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