How to Keep Rabbits out of Garden?

Rabbits may be cute, but they’re a nuisance for home food gardeners. Rabbits cannot help themselves from ravaging recently planted veggie seedlings. And once they find your garden as a reliable source of food, they will find shelter nearby and make babies like rabbits.


As a gardener, knowing how to keep rabbits out of garden will help you protect your produce. You’ll know if your vegetable garden is infested with rabbits when you inspect the damaged plants, there are clear cuts chewed with their sharp and long teeth.

Usually, they feed at night till dawn, and they target young plants and seedlings. There are several of ways you can keep rabbits out of your garden.

Installing physical barriers is one of the most effective rabbit deterrents, especially if combined with other techniques such as strategic plant selection, scare tactics and population control. Here are the tried and tested techniques on how to keep rabbits out of the garden:


Building a Fence

Rabbits may be small creatures, but they are cunning. They can chew plastic mesh, squeeze their bodies through a gap, jump over the fence, or burrow their way just to get in your garden or get away from you.

Size matters when it comes to building an anti-rabbit fence. Make sure that the gauge of the wire mesh or aluminum cloth can prevent baby bunnies from squeezing their way in your garden.

Build Fence

Try to look for a wire mesh with a one-inch gauge or smaller. Preferably, build your fence not less than three to four feet because rabbits can jump pretty high. Also, bury your rabbit fence at least two feet deep so they can’t dig under.

Your fence gate should be rabbit proof too. Make sure you don’t leave a gap along the edge of the gate where a rabbit can squeeze itself in or out. Make your fence impenetrable by overlapping wire meshes along the edges of the gate.


Make Netting or Row Covers

Cloth row covers or plastic netting might be deterrent for a lot of rabbits but some smarter rabbits can chew the plastic off to gain passage to the tasty treats in your plots.

Make Netting

Fine wire mesh placed over garden plots in a hoop frame or rectangular hedge will work much better. For newly planted trees or shrubs, a wire mesh cylindrical formed is effective in preventing rabbits.


Spraying Scents Rabbits Hate

There are certain smells that rabbits hate. More often, a strong smell reminds them that a predator is near so they will put off their evil plans of eating your plants and save themselves from being hunted or killed.

In doing this trick, you can make your own rabbit repellent spray or just buy a commercial spray from the nearest garden store or online. Gardener’s ingredients for rabbit repellent are easily accessible.

Spraying Scents

They would either grate a bar soap or spray a mixture of garlic, hot chilies, and water over the plants they want to protect. You can also spray the plants with urine or droppings of rabbit predators such as cats, dogs, fox, and humans.

If you bought a commercial product in granular form, sprinkle them evenly in garden beds and around the plants that need protecting. Just read the instructions carefully because some of these products may be harmful to vegetables that we eat.


Modifying Their Habitat

Clear away any tall grasses, brush piles thicket areas and possible hiding spots in your garden where rabbits may establish residency. The bushy shrubs, piles of wood or the crawl space under your porch may provide shelters for these cunning creatures.



Plant Rabbit Resistant Plants

Rabbits are usually not picky eaters. They munch on almost anything your garden can provide. But there are some plants that they do not like. Try planting in strategic areas of your garden plants with thick fuzzy leaves, strong scents, milky sap or thorny branches.

Placing these plants in entry areas will deter them from continuing further in your garden. Plants that rabbits do not find edible are the following:

  • artichokes
  • asparagus
  • currants
  • garlic
  • Gooseberries
  • lavender
  • mint
  • onions
  • oregano
  • potatoes
  • rhubarb
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • tarragon
  • thorny cane fruits
  • tomatoes


Whether you love or hate them, rabbits are hard to get rid of because they breed like crazy. Vigilantly protecting our plants with these various tricks may be our only solace from rabbit attacks.

If you found these tricks on how to keep rabbits out of the garden, we would greatly appreciate it if you also share this valuable information with your friends.

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