3 Reasons to Keep the Firearm’s Muzzle Pointed to a Safe Direction

Even as kids, we were taught to treat guns with respect. Just as it is disrespectful to point fingers at anyone, pointing a gun towards a person is considered a sin. When you read about gun safety articles online...


You would notice that the first rule of thumb is “to keep the firearm muzzle pointed in a safe direction.”  It’s always on top of the list of gun safety practices for a good reason.

Reasons to Watch the Direction of the Gun’s Muzzle


The Gun Is Loaded

Okay, so maybe it’s not. But what happens if it is? Although you think that you may have unloaded the gun, you may have missed one of the bullets when you were doing so.

It’s also possible that someone else besides you toyed with the gun and messed with it when you were away.


Unsafe handling could become a habit. Once you’re used to pointing an unloaded gun in an unsecured way, you’ll have the tendency to do it again. Eventually, you could end up in an accident.


It Can Destroy Things

Pointing a gun towards a person is not only rude – it’s dangerous! What will you do then if you accidentally fire your gun without really intending to?

You see, firearm accidents do not have room for excuses. You will have to stand trial before the law and face the consequences. Aiming at objects that are near people is just as dangerous. The objects could break or hit the person once the bullet hits these.


There’s also a second rule to gun safety that says that you are not supposed to point a gun to things that you are unwilling to destroy. It’s because guns are very powerful.

These could damage even the toughest things such. Bullets can break or pass through walls, appliances, or furniture.


It Can Cause Self-inflicted Injury

In Wisconsin alone, about 33% of all gun hunting incidents are self-inflicted. The main cause for this is that the victims failed to remember gun safety rule number one.

man holding gun

For this reason, you should never be insulted when someone else points out that you are not watching your gun muzzle. You should in fact be thankful because the other person could just have saved you from an accident.

Additional Gun Safety Rules

Aside from pointing a gun at a safe direction, there’s a bunch of other stuff that you need to remember. Some of these include the following:


Keep Finger away from The Trigger

Unless you are ready to fire, keep your finger off the trigger. The trigger is meant for firing the gun. With your finger resting on the trigger, you could easily fire the gun accidentally.

finger off trigger

What do you think will happen if you trip or fall? Even a simple startle could create small movements.


You Should Have A Clear View of Your Targer

Don’t pull the trigger without seeing your target. Always remember that bullets could pass through intended target and you could end up hitting something you shouldn’t have. You should always consider that there could be other people who are within the vicinity.


If you are hunting for animals, make sure that you see it with your own two eyes before shooting your gun. A rustle is not a good way to spot a target. This could be just a fellow hunter or kids who are playing in the fields.

Even if you have spotted a deer and sure that you know its exact location because you heard it with your ears, don’t shoot. While you may be right about the exact spot, you don’t know who else is there in that same location.


Never Leave a Gun Loaded

This is especially important if you have kids at home. Doing this will ensure that no one in the house gets hurt. Keep loaded the guns only when you are expecting trouble.


Even when you’re about to go hunting, you should only load your gun once you reach the hunting area.


Get Educated with Its Use

Enroll yourself in a gun shooting course if you have to. Handling a firearm requires more than just knowing how to pull the trigger. There are several things that you need to know such as the proper way of shooting and how to use a particular gun.

When you have a new firearm, go to the shooting range and practice. Guns come with manuals. They are there for additional instructions. You’re always better off reading them first prior to use.


Wear Protective Gear

If you are into gun sports, wear protective gear. Gunfire can create smoke and fire. If you’re not being careful, these could harm your eyes.

Protective eyewear will also guard your eyes from the casings of used bullets coming from auto-ejecting guns. You should also have a hat with a brim as an added protection.

shooting range

Additionally, guns create a loud noise when shot. Wearing muffs or ear plugs could prevent hearing damage. The muffs are often used for indoor gun sports while the ear plugs are recommended for outdoor firing

Final Verdict

Pointing your gun in a safe direction will prevent you from destroying things, shooting accidentally at other people, or hurting yourself. Practicing it will keep you from getting into trouble with the law. Guns do not create accidents.

It’s the irresponsible use of these that does. If you want your gun to serve you well, then treat it with respect.

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