How to Keep Deer out of Garden?

Deer control for gardeners is definitely challenging. When you suddenly see a deer munching on your tomatoes and eating your flowers as dessert, knowing how to keep deer out of the garden is your best friend.


If you don’t you to use harsh chemicals or inhumane traps to deter deer away from your produce, you can try these humane ways to keep deer and other animals from ravaging your garden.


Plant Smelly Flowers Around Possible Deer Entrance

Consider planting a thick layer of strong aromatic flowers such as marigolds and lavenders around your garden. Deer are hesitant to walk over lavenders because the smell sticks to their legs. 


And when their sense of smell is disturbed, they find it hard to detect predators. It also distracts their ability to smell for food or shelter. You can also add some fragrant herbs such as oregano, mint, or catnip.


Spray Soap on Your Plants

This is pretty easy, you can plant a cube of soap, or you can spray it all over your plants. The first soap trick is skewering some soap in a wooden skewer and planting it into the ground beside the plant.

The height of the soap should be just around the height of the plant so the deer could easily see it. If it takes a bite, it would know that the plant is inedible.


The second trick involves either grating the soap over growing plants or seedlings or diluting soap in water and spraying it all over your garden.

 The good thing about soap is it lasts for a month, provided that there’s no rain. It also does not disintegrate when it rains, and it helps dehydrate pets, bugs, and aphids that may eat your vegetables.


Install an Invisible Fence

The most evident and straightforward way to keep deer from your garden is to build a fence. But sometimes, fences compromise the beauty of your garden.

It is a good thing you can build an invisible fence. Picket several wooden stakes of about five feet high around the perimeter of the backyard.


From the second feet and the third feet, string a row of fishing line/ Repeat this process 12- 13 inches apart to connect all the stakes with strings. This way, the beauty of your garden will be visible.


Spray Smelly Scents

You can make a homemade stinky spray to keep the deer out of your garden. Mix one egg and one tablespoon of organic soap with a cup of milk in a gallon jug.

Then fill the mixture with water until the gallon becomes full. Put the gallon mixture under the sun so the aroma can start flowing.

Smelly Scents

Spray the mixture during nights because if you do this during the day, you may not stand the smell while gardening. This mixture is not harmful to the plants. You can also add hot peppers for an extra effect.


Install Homemade Noisy Warning Devices

Surprising deer with sudden sounds and sights trigger the deer’s self-defense mode. Their senses alert them to stay away because a predator might hunt or kill them.

You can try hanging CDs in strings around your garden, in which the light’s reflection from this imitates flashlights. You can also stake a ten-inch white flag to resemble a white deer tail.


Whenever deer see this tail and see no deer attached to it, they often get spooked and run away. Pie tins and aluminum cans can also help produce unusual sounds and visuals.

Other gardeners also turn the talk radio on over the night. If you notice that the deer it kind of getting used to it and continue eating your plants, Try rotating these methods and see for yourself which of these works for your deer situation.


Spray Some Commercial Organic Deer Repellents

If you do not have time to make your own home sprays, there are commercially available deer repellents in your local stores. Most require you to spray every couple of weeks.


Like homemade sprays, instant repellents work providing stinky scent and taste barriers to keep the deer from feeding and browsing plant.

Remember to read the ingredients of these commercial sprays and ensure that it has no ingredients that may affect how your vegetable will taste.


Hope you find these tricks on how to keep deer out of garden useful. We would appreciate it if you can also share this information with your friends who are finding it hard to prevent deer from their gardens.

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