14 Vital Installation Tips for Gun Safes

Gunsafes are usually large and heavy metal safes. Their installation can be a more complicated process. Here are 14 installation tips for gunsafes that will make the process easier and faster.



Get The Detailed Dimensions

Always get the gunsafe’s detailed dimensions since these will affect many installation decisions. These dimensions should include:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Length
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These dimensions will affect your decisions regarding:

  • Where to install the gun safe
  • What types of equipment to use, either rent or buy
  • Why hire a moving service or do the moving yourself

In fact, the dimensions should be considered first before buying a gunsafe. You can then remove larger or heavier gunsafes unsuitable for your planned location.


Decide The Location

The location should ideally meet these requirements:

  • Safe and secure area of the house. You want to hide it from thieves and burglars yet still be accessible on your part.
  • Adequate space. You should install the gunsafe in an area where you still have room to move. You have to perform regular maintenance measures and get the guns from it, after all.
  • Strong floors. You have to install the gunsafe in an area with strong, stable and flat floors. You can’t have it making a hole on a weak floor or wall.

You should double-check that the area can accommodate the gunsafe well. You can, for example, check the integrity of the wooden floor.


Do A Dry Run

If the safe was delivered in a box, you can do a dry run with it. You can determine whether the gunsafe will fit in the stairways and doors. You can also determine its fit in the installation area itself.


If the empty box fits through the openings, then the gunsafe will fit, too. You can double-check whether your measurements were correct. You can use the empty box for reference.


Get The Equipments

Many gunsafes are heavy because of the metal components. Be sure to use the right equipment in moving it from the door to the installation area. You can use a stair-climbing dolly, for example.


Avoid using truck and refrigerator dollies as these may not do the job. Plus, these can snap during the transport resulting in nasty injuries. Your home can also be damaged from the impact of the gunsafe.


Keep It Upright

Be sure to check that the gunsafe’s door is closed, if not locked. Otherwise, your risk of injuries increase. For example, an open door suddenly smacks your face or body part.


You should also ensure that the gunsafe is moved in an upright position. This will lessen the added job of putting it upright before installation.


Read The Instructions Manual

Always read the instructions manual for every gunsafe! You may have installed many gunsafes in your day but it still pays to read each one. By doing so, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get valuable information about special mounting needs
  • Avoid voiding the warranty due to your careless mistakes
  • Know about the safety and security features
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    Get information about why, who and when to call technicians for issues
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    Know do-it-yourself repairs and replacements
instruction manual

Of course, the main benefit lies in faster and easier gunsafe installation. The manufacturer usually provides information about the following aspects:

  • The parts and their uses
  • The step-by-step installation guide
  • The basic maintenance procedures like cleaning

Indeed, even when the reading the instruction manual seems like a chore, just do it!


Inspect The Gunsafe

As soon as you open the box, you must check the gunsafe. Your inspection should include the following:

  • Signs of damage, such as dings, dents and scratches
  • Missing parts, per the instructions manual
  • Signs of undue wear and tear

When you find issues, you should report them as soon as possible. Most manufacturers will honor damages or send missing parts within 15 days. If you choose to report an issue, you should wait for the reply before installing the gunsafe.


Adjust The Door

The gunsafe’s door may have to be adjusted after delivery. You should tighten the door in case it has any extra play, for example. You should get a slight resistance from it.

open gunsafe

The gunsafe’s door may have to be adjusted after delivery. You should tighten the door in case it has any extra play, for example. You should get a slight resistance from it.


Lay Down The Mat

The gunsafe may be made of durable metal but it can still rust due to corrosion. You can reduce the risks of rust by placing scrap carpet or mat on the floor underneath it. The carpet or mat will serve as a moisture barrier under the gunsafe.


The carpet or mat will also protect your floor from the gunsafe’s imprint. You don’t want your wooden floor, for example, to have ugly dents on it from the gunsafe’s bottom.


Level Floor

You have to be absolutely certain that the gunsafe is placed on a flat, even and level floor. There are a few reasons for this tip:

The large and heavy door can cause accidents resulting in injuries. You don’t want anybody to get hurt by its accidental opening, no thanks to an uneven floor. The large and heavy gunsafe itself can be kept on its mooring even in case of an earthquake.



Anchored to a Wall

You should ensure that the gunsafe is anchored well to a wall and/or the floor. You will be surprised at the ingenuity of thieves in prying gunsafes with weak anchors.



Use The Right Bolts

Always use the right bolts on the wood or concrete surface for anchoring purposes. You should never use wood-only bolts on concrete floors, for example.



Consider A Moving Service

If the gunsafe is just too large and heavy, you should consider hiring a moving service. The benefits will outweigh the costs, both monetary and health costs. You don’t want to fracture your bones just getting it upstairs.



Use The Installation Servics

When DIY gunsafe installation is just beyond your skills, you should take advantage of the white glove installation service, if available.


Final Verdict

You can install a gunsafe as a DIY project or ask for professional assistance. Regardless of your choice, the results should be the same. The gunsafe should be anchored well to the wall and/or floor. Its features should function well, too.

Gunsafe installation should be given proper time, energy and effort. Keep in mind that it will keep your guns safe from unauthorized hands, thus, the care poured into it.

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