4 Safety Tips to Install Your Gun Safe

The process of installing your gunsafe safely should be done with your full concentration. You should be aware and mindful of every step in the process. Your absentmindedness and complacency will increase your risks for injuries.


Install Your Safe Safely


Its Installation Is A Risky Task

Gunsafes can range in weight from 200 to 2,000 pounds depending on the size. Regardless of the weight, a gunsafe can easily cause a wide range of injuries for various reasons. People have been known to be crushed under their weight and locked inside.

For this reason, safety is always the primary concern. You should use the right equipment and tools for transportation and installation. Your best bets include heavy-duty dollies and power tools.


It Must Be in A Good Location

Gunsafes can be placed in several locations. These include basements, bedrooms and garages, even so-called man caves.

But not all locations are great for each type of gunsafe. You have to assess the unique risks and desired protection for your gun collection. You can then decide on the best location, whether it’s on a concrete or wooden floor.

safe at basement

​Keep in mind that great locations for one risk will likely the worst for another. You should then find a location with a compromise between the risks of theft, fire and flood. You must also have convenient access to the gunsafe.

When you have chosen a good location, you can start thinking about its safe installation. These are general tips that can be changed according to specific situations.


Consider Hiring Professional Movers or Installers

Even with a great location, your gunsafe will be of little use when you can’t move it there. You have to consider hiring professional movers for this job. You’re saving yourself the aggravation of injuries, as well as time and effort spent on the task.


Aside from the transportation from the front door to the location, you should also consider professional installation. This is the best option under the following instances:

  • check
    The gunsafe weighs over 500 pounds
  • check
    The location is up the stairs or in the basement

You should also consider it when you have never installed anything of this size. You must consider your body’s capabilities, too, especially when you have illnesses or injuries.


Keep Safety Your Priority

Safety has several aspects that must all be considered. You have to remember that overlooking just one aspect can increase the risks of injuries. The most important of these aspects include:

  • Wear your protective gear. You should wear safety goggles, protective gloves, and sturdy leather boots. Your clothes should also be comfortable without being too form-fitting or loose-fitting.
  • Respect the power of manual and power tools. You must get the appropriate training (i.e., practice) before using the tools for installation. You can easily become injured by the improper use of these tools.
  • Clear the working area. You should keep children and pets away from the work area including the path. You’re making it easier and faster to work without them underfoot. You’re also reducing the risks of them getting injured by the tools and gunsafe.
  • Gather your tools beforehand. You may have to rent the proper tools for the job. These can include moving dolly, and hard rubber dolly wheels. You should keep these tools near your working area and in their proper places.
  • Make a plan. You should have a step-by-step process and timeline, if possible. You will then be able to troubleshoot possible issues even before the installation begins. Your adjustments to the plan can result in a better outcome.
install safe

Of course, most of these safety aspects will be moot if you’re choosing professional installation. The professional installers will discuss the safety aspects and your roles in them.

Look at Your Preferred Support

Let’s assume that you’re installing the gunsafe as a DIY project. Getting the best results can be achieved with these tips.

  • Always read the instructions manual. Each gunsafe has specific installation needs so be sure to follow them.
  • Consider the weight of the gunsafe. The floor should be able to carry its weight plus the weight of the guns. Keep in mind that a gunsafe is a dead load.
  • If a gunsafe weighs more than 1,000 pounds, it should be placed on the ground floor. Otherwise, even a thick residential concrete floor may be unable to support it. You should calculate the floor’s load bearing capacity first before installing it.
  • Level the gunsafe. You have to do this because the lock and bolt may not work properly resulting in being locked out. You can also become injured when the door suddenly opens and shuts. Your gunsafe’s door and can become misaligned.
  • Bolt the gunsafe to the wall and/or floor. The bolts will prevent thieves from easily prying the gunsafe out of its place. You and your family will also be safer since the gunsafe will not tip over.
  • You will find plenty of instructional videos, too, about installing a gunsafe. You can use them in addition to the instruction manual.

Final Verdict

​The safe and effective installation of your gunsafe can be a major project. You must educate yourself about the best methods to get the best results, too. You can refer to instructional books and videos for this purpose.

​But when the job seems too much for your DIY skills, there’s no shame in asking for professional installation services. You may not have installed your gunsafe with your own hands but you can be proud of it afterwards.

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