How Does a Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Vacuum cleaner is an excellent addition to every household since it performs multiple special functions. A high quality vacuum cleaner is a brilliant investment and owning this cleaning apparatus at home is certainly very beneficial.


But how does a vacuum cleaner work and how can it help in the daily chores? Nobody can ever question the significance of vacuum cleaners so when homeowners decide to buy one, they’re confident that they’re doing the correct move.

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Functions of Vacuum Cleaner

You have perhaps used vacuum cleaner previously, but have you thought about how they actually work? Although they may look complicated, vacuum cleaners function on a few upfront principles. The following principles and parts are necessary for appreciating how a vacuum cleaner actually works.


Creating Pressure

Vacuum cleaners run its motor using electricity in order to spin its fan fast. The fan is comprised of angled blades that drive air towards the bag. This make the air moves from the fan away, making a space of low air pressure underneath the fan.


Air constantly moves from spaces of high pressure to relatively low pressure. This procedure is what will take away dirt from the floor.

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Moving Dirt

Since the fan has created a space of low pressure close to the floor, air from the floor is going to draw near to fill that area, due to how air pressure mechanisms.


At times, tiny particles of dust and dirt will be raised by the low pressure area too. Furthermore, air takes bigger, loose particles of dirt and dust by using its friction.



Vacuum cleaners, besides to using a fan, likewise use a spinning brush that sweeps the floor. At times, this brush is powered by the similar motor that turns the vacuum cleaner's fan on. Sometimes, this rotating brush is powered by being pressed back and forth around the floor.


Either way, the rotating brush functions the purpose of loosening trapped dust and dirt particles in the carpet that wouldn’t have been gathered by the air pressure, and transferring them to the floor, or into the air.



When the cleaning equipment has sucked in dirt particles and air, the high pressure area right above the fan causes them to stay to move upwards. The air and dirt particles go into the vacuum cleaner's bag.


This bag is permeable enough to let air pass through without problems, but thick enough to trap dust, dirt, and any other bigger particles on the floor. After escaping the bag, the air evade the back of the cleaner, making any particles that came with it stuck in the bag.

Repeated uses of the brush, when it’s present, tend to slacken all dirt and other particles after a while. It traps larger particles entirely in the bristles and lefts them in the place they can be more effortlessly sucked up into the cleaner's bag.

Importance of Vacuum Cleaner

Every home needs this efficient and reliable cleaning equipment. Apart from its beneficial part in cleaning the house, a vacuum cleaner can likewise streamline and speeds up household tasks guaranteed with satisfying cleaning outcomes.

Vacuum cleaners come with unique and advanced parts and components making it a significantly relied upon household and workplace cleaning tool. The following further prove the importance of a vacuum cleaner:

  • Vacuum cleaner remove pet hair, dirt, dust, and other undesirable particles in the surfaces of your home as well as in the air.
  • Another imperative thing that indicates the great significance of this cleaning equipment is that it removes the greater participation of human in the cleaning course.
  • Some types of vacuum cleaner has the ability to wash and shampoo rugs and carpets. Other units that utilize steam also play beneficial role in disinfecting surfaces.
  • Vacuum cleaner aids clean air in the room. The filtration effectiveness of vacuum cleaners is outstanding and it helps in filtering dust in indoor air and airborne allergens.
  • An exceptional brand of vacuum cleaner is sufficient to clean up a whole mess in your room.


Acquiring a vacuum cleaner and owning this powerful cleaning tool is therefore an outstanding idea. You can then prove that this equipment is highly capable of executing tasks in an efficient and quick manner.

It’s also important to note how does a vacuum cleaner work because of its magnificent function, the significance of vacuum cleaner is highly talked upon.

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