Honeywell Model 5101DOJ Steel Security Safe Review

For ensuring the safety of your essential documents and most valuable possession, Honeywell Model 5101DOJ Steel Security Safe is a must have. It will ensure you have the peace of mind that comes from being prepared in the event of a fire, an invasion of your home.


With Honeywell Model 5101DOJ Steel Security Safe you don't have to worry about your valuables being destroyed by fire because it has fireproofing capabilities.

You can use this model to hold your passport, lock up prescription medications for safety and to keep any other relevant papers. 

It is a high-tech safe for it utilizes the use of programmable digital lock for security.

Comparing to other safes in the market Honeywell Model 5101DOJ Steel Security Safe is spacious enough to hold all your private, valuable possessions and more. 

It is one of the  safes manufactured by Honeywell just to suit your security needs.



Heat Resistance​

Fire Resistance​



  • Fireproof
  • Has motorized lock
  • Easily mountable
  • Scratch resistance and easy to clean
  • Hard to defeat than the conventional manual type locks


  • Hard to see the interior if your room light does not project directly into the safe.

Key Features


Solid Steel Cabinet and Door

Its design will ensure your valuables are secure by using solid steel cabinet and doors; this is one of the extra elements that contributing to its pry resistance measures.

Solid steel cabinets and doors enhance its long lasting usability to protect your valuables for many years. With this steel cabinet and doors, you are guaranteed that it can't be quickly opened or drilled through hence ensuring you that your valuables are safe.


Secure Lockout Periods

This Honeywell Model 5101DOJ Steel Security Safe utilizes the tight lockout ends in that If you enter wrong code three times in a row; the digital keypad will begin a five-minute secure lockout period.

During this sustained lockout period, the keyboard will become disabled. You can unlock the safe using the correct passcode after the lockout period is done. Alternatively, you can use the override key to access the safe.


Alternative Access KEY

If the passcode is unavailable or your keyboard fails due to dead batteries or other malfunction, you can still open the Honeywell Model 5101DOJ Steel Security Safe using the override access key by.

You can remove core override cover with a screwdriver. And inserting it then turning it to left to unlock safe. After that, you Turn its knob to right and open safe door.



Most of the Safes available do not have the fireproofing capability and in the case of fire incidents your valuables are won't secured because the fire will destroy them.

The fireproofing capability is one of the key features of design that Honeywell has incorporated in this Honeywell Model 5101DOJ Steel Security Safe. This fire proofing feature makes you rest assured that your valuables are safe in any fire incidents.


Pre-Drilled Holes and Mounting Kit

Honeywell Model 5101DOJ Steel Security Safe has very handy adaptations and accessories; it has pre-drilled anchor points that allow permanent securing of the safe to the floor or wall. It comes with mounting gear for this purpose.

You can mount it at any desired position. Securing it on the wall prevents it from being stolen hence your valuable and safe are secure from theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you install it on the wall?

A: It has two holes in the back in which you use a toggle bolt for secure it on the wall.

Can you silence the keypad sound?

A: You can't silence it.

Does the keypad light up?

A: Its keypad has light to enable you to access your safe even in a dark room.

Final Verdict

The risk of fire incidents destroying your valuable is one of the key design features for Honeywell Model 5101DOJ Steel Security Safe hence owning one of this saves will ensure that your documents, jewelry, and even money are safe.

Honeywell Model 5101DOJ Steel Security Safe is very durable, and this will allow you to utilize it serviceability for many years with minimal maintenance.

It is one of its kind safe in the market currently, with all the best feature for enhancing security. The fact that it is easily affordable, I therefore highly recommend it as one of the must have safes for your valuables.

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