​How to Hide Your Firearms in a Gun Safe?

​There are several states that have laws concerning firearm locking devices. However, only Massachusetts requires guns to be kept with a lock in place. The others only impose certain requirements.


​Every year, people end up getting hurt because on unintentional accidents from firearms. Over 8,300 died between the years 1999 and 2010. Many of these were young people and some of the firings came from children under the age of six.

From the data above, it’s obvious that negligence is one of the major reasons for the gun accidents. That is why experts recommend that owners should always observe proper firearm storage.​

Hide Your Firearms in A Gun Safe

There’s no doubt about it – gun safes are still your best option. However, not just any gun safe will do. Gun enthusiasts often buy several types of firearms. If you want to go for this option, make sure that you are buying a bigger one compared to what you first planned to.

This way, you will still have extra room just in case you buy another firearm in the future.


To deter thieves from stealing your collection, get one that has thick walls and doors. This will make it difficult for them to break into it. Experts recommend at least a steel gauge of 10.

If you are not sure about its quality, check for reviews online. You can find these from the blogs of gun enthusiasts as well as in forum sites.

​Other Storage Options

Instead of a gun safe, it’s also possible for you to keep these in plain (or not so plain) sight. Here are some smart ideas that you can use.


Inside Fake Electrical Outlets

Fake electrical outlets are often unheard of. Even government confiscators won’t take the time to check and see if one of these is fake. As for the thieves, you could surprise them in time to defend yourself.

space behind electric outlets

​You can easily purchase one of these online. If you’re into DIY, you can also build one yourself. Be innovative so that you can have access to the gun easily.


Under False Bottom in Bedside Drawe​r

​Burglars often raid houses during nighttime when everybody’s asleep. The bedside drawer is an ideal place to keep a gun just in case one tried to creep in at night.



Inside The Couch

​Some companies now sell couches with built-in gun safes. Your visitors won’t know that under its hood is a storage space full of guns. But neither will the thieves and that is always a good thing.



In A Hideaway Picture Frame

​If it’s not similar to a prized Picasso painting, the thieves won’t even give the picture frame a second look. That is why it makes up for great place to stash away some guns in there. You can buy this from a concealment furniture maker.



Inside A Hallow Book

​Hallowed out book safes can be bought in specialty stores. You can place this in your office or even at the bookshelf in the living room.

Choose one that looks really scholarly so that the kids won't bother looking at them. If you have tots at home, put this on the top shelf.


Inside The Closet

​It’s classic, but it still works. That is, if you are going to be ingenious about how you’re going to keep it in there. How about placing it inside a pair of old boots? Or keeping one inside the pocket of a hanging robe?



Air Conditioners

​You may have seen his once in a popular TV show. Well, as it turns outs, it could work

air conditionar

And the best part to this? Either a fake or a functioning air conditioner will do. This is a great option if you have kids since air conditioners are often out of their reach.


Under The Carpet

​If you are keeping a lot of weaponry, then you could put those muscles to work. Pull back the carpet and get chiseling on the floor.


​This would also work great with wooden flooring. Just be sure to choose a strategic place such as near the wall or behind a furniture piece. A false tile on a tiled floor would also do the trick.


Modified Cabinets or Bookshelves

​The old bookshelf or cabinet can be easily be modified to include a space for firearm and other accessories. You can just ask a carpenter or a cabinet maker to do this for you.



Wall Above The Windows

​This spot won’t be seen from the inside or outside of the house. The gun will be concealed nicely by the widow curtains.


Final Verdict

Gun safes are still the best way to keep firearms especially for families who have kids at home. While this may be so, they are not your best bet if you plan to use a gun for emergency purposes.​

There are other options such as the ones mentioned above. The likes of a drawer with a false bottom or a fake electrical outlet will hide your firearms from burglars.​

There are around 230,000 firearms stolen every year according to the Department of Justice. Among the criminals reported to have been arrested of illegal possession of firearms, more than 30% said they have these stolen.​

Don’t become the reason why some innocent person becomes a victim of gun violence. Observe proper storage. You can choose to make it difficult for burglars to have access to these by using one of the options given to you above.​

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