3 Undeniable Reasons to Service Your Gun Safe Lock by Today!

Even the best gunsafe will have issues with its parts over time. One of these issues can involve the lock, the first line of defense for gunsafes. This is the reason why your gunsafe’s lock should be serviced by a certified lock technician on a yearly basis.


Gunsafes are safe and secure protective storage containers for firearms and their related accessories. These are usually made of thick steel with either a mechanical or digital lock for access. 

These are also designed to prevent access to unqualified and unauthorized persons, such as children and thieves.​ ​These safes are also designed with one or two types of locks. These include:


Combination Lock

A rotary type of lock. This can only be opened when the correct combination of left and right rotations are made. This is the old-fashioned type that still enjoy high popularity among gun owners.


A combination can be inconvenient to open in an emergency, as well as slow to open. But it’s usually more durable than a digital and biometric lock because of its mechanical parts.


Digital Lock

A lock with a control panel for entering passcodes. This works like an ATM without the card. Just push the numbers on the control panel according to a preset code to open the safe.


A digital lock is easier to use, even in an emergency. But since it’s composed of electronic parts, it can malfunction in various ways. Experienced thieves can also get the passcode by observing the wear-and-tear pattern on the control panel.


Biometric Identification

A lock using fingerprints for identifying authorized users. The user places his finger on the scanner and waits for the results. The scanner’s computer matches the fingerprint on record with the fingerprint on the surface.


When a match is found, the gunsafe opens. Fingerprints that aren’t recognized by the computer will not be accepted so the gunsafe remains closed. But the scanner surface and computer can also malfunction for various reasons.

Safety and Security Issues

You shouldn’t wait until the lock on your gunsafe malfunctions before calling in a certified lock technician. You must have it serviced once a year to prevent safety and security issues. Such a proactive approach has several benefits.

First, you can reduce the risks of unauthorized entry from thieves and burglars. You don’t want to leave to chance your family’s security from the threat of criminals. You must ensure that only authorized persons can access your guns.


Second, you must also decrease the risks of unqualified entry. Your children shouldn’t have easy access to your guns for safety reasons. You don’t want your family to add to the figures of adults being careless with their guns around children!​

Third, you can protect your guns from the risks associated with fire, flood and earthquakes with a secure lock. In many instances, the impact on the safe accidentally opens a defective lock. You want to avoid it, too.​

The bottom line: You should contact a reliable certified lock technician once every year! You and your family will benefit from it. Your payment for the servicing costs will well worth every dollar.

Be Aware of These Lock Issues

Of course, there are a myriad of lock issues in gunsafes. These issues will also depend on the type of lock, such as stuck dials for combination locks.

You must discuss current lock issues with the technician. You may just pick up a thing or two about DIY fixes before the annual check-up comes up. But when in doubt, it’s always best to call the professionals for best results. A few of the most common lock-related issues include:


The mechanical lock doesn’t spin freely. The lock is likely jammed with its moving parts not budging. This is an issue that demands the attention of a certified lock technician.

key lock safe


The electronic lock doesn’t lock and/or unlock. There are two possible causes for it with possible DIY methods of repair, too.

First, the battery may be on its last legs. You should replace the old battery with a new one. Be sure to check the manual for battery replacement process.

open gunsafe

Second, the side pressure on the lock tang may be off. You can turn the hub in a counterclockwise direction followed by the combination.


The scanner doesn’t read the authorized fingerprint. These can be caused by a dirty scanner or a malfunctioning computer.

A dirty scanner is easy to remedy. Just wipe its surface with a clean and dry soft, non-abrasive cloth to remove the dirt, dust and oil. A malfunctioning computer demands specialized knowledge. You must call the lock technician for this job.

Best Biometric Safes

When you observe issues with the lock, you’re well-advised to take two steps first:

  • Check the manual. You will likely find useful tips for DIY repair on your gunsafe.
  • Ask the Internet. You can log on to threads, forums and the manufacturer’s website for answers.
  • Call the lock technician. You, at least, have a general idea about the issue that can be related to the technician.

Final Verdict

Again, don’t wait for the yearly service check-up when there are problems with your gunsafe’s lock. A certified lock technician is the best person for the repairs and replacements on your gunsafe’s lock.

You may want to test your DIY knowledge and skills on these things. But there are cases when the professionals are best left to take care of the job.​

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