Which Gun Safe Lock Provides More Security?

The right gun storage solution is different for everyone. But no matter which option you choose, it must provide an acceptable level of protection to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your guns. So the question now comes is, which storage system would be the best one for YOU?


It will really depend on the gun that you own, your living situation, and how much money you are willing to spend.

If you are a collector, you will definitely be looking for more storage, since your collection will start to grow over time. With so many ways for you to keep your firearms, it will be helpful to take a step back to understand what kinds of safe storage can be used.


The storage options that are usually available today are designed to give more of the following functions when it comes to storage:

First of all, they can prevent unwanted people from taking your weapon. Next, some gun safes can protect the weapon from physical damages, which will also be of benefit to you. And lastly, it prevents thieves from stealing your weapon.

As with other forms of technology, the more features it has, the better. But then it also comes with a hefty price tag.

Listed below are some of the most common options for storage that can be purchased. It is recommended that you take a look at these so that you can be more certain of your choice.

Which Lock Provides You More Security?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of locks that you can choose from that can provide you with sure enough protection for your firearms. Here are some of the most common locks that you can choose, to help secure you that they are safe and durable:


Trigger Locks

These types of locks are simple and can make a very affordable option if you want to avoid unnecessary opportunities for other people to load and fire the firearm. Most guns are made with a trigger lock that can be found on the right side of the box.

These locks take different forms like a trigger shoe clamp, these things clamp down around the gun trigger or the housing to prevent the trigger from being mishandled.


Since most devices come in direct contact with the firearm’s trigger, do not place them on loaded guns.​ There are also locks that are made out of cable to block out any action from the weapon like rifles or shotguns from being closed.

If you are using a semi automatic pistol, these can also prevent a gun magazine from being loaded into the gun grip. As for revolver guns, the cable lock will usually be looped through the barrel to prevent the cylinder from closing.​

If there are gunlocks that are not available, a normal padlock will be okay to use with most guns. You can use this by slipping the hasp of the lock in between the back part of the trigger and trigger guard to avoid the trigger from cycling.

These locks are not expensive at all; some are even given to you for free by community programs. It can also be successful in preventing an unintentional discharge when you install it properly.

Only down side is, they do not give any form of physical protection or a proper level of theft prevention.


Security Cases and Strong Boxes

These items are an effort made by manufacturers to provide firearm owners with gun finish protection and anti theft features like that of a locking cabinet for guns while maintaining the movability of a long gun carry case and a hand gun case.

gun case

These units will have different prices for each based on the level of incorporated technology into the system. Most of the best storage options for those who want quick accessibility to their weapons will usually be found under this category.


Gun Safes

These are one of most common and secure gun storage options out there for any firearm owner. Keep in mind that the weight of the gun safes, is better if it weighs more than a normal steel safe.

The heavier the gauge steel, the harder it will be for burglars to carry it out of your home. These safes can also provide the gun owner with additional protection against fires, flooding, and other natural disasters.


If you are going to purchase a gun safe, you will first have to know that purchasing a gun safe will represent your financial commitment.

Just like consumer products out there that are high end, these gun safes are available in a wide variety of features, and all of which hold a huge effect on the cost of the unit.

Before making any decisions to buy a gun safe, it will be a good idea to understand what features are the most important to you.


Gun Cases

If you are also looking into this option, gun cases are available at any sporting goods store in a large variety of shapes, sizes and material options, to fit all kinds of available weapons.

However, the materials from which they are made limit the practicality as a form of storage device for firearms. Due to the fabric used in these gun cases, edged tools can damage it fairly quickly.

gun case box

Since gun cases are crafted to be light in built, it can be easy for a thief to take it away from you. Unless they are secured with a proper lock, they can be stolen away from you along with all the contents inside.

Final Verdict

As a gun owner, it is important to choose the right lock or storage to ensure that your firearms do not get stolen or damaged. Even if it may be a little expensive, you will see that all the money you spent will pay off in the long run.​

​Gun cases are easy to find, in fact you can buy them in a sporting goods store. However, if you want to keep your firearms away from thieves, you will have to invest in equipment that can keep it safe and your loved ones safe as well.

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