Easy and Effective Tips to Clean Your Gun Safe

Gunsafes are investments, too. You can spend more than a thousand dollars on a residential gunsafe including its transportation and installation costs. You must then take good care of it through cleaning your gunsafe once a month, at least.


Clean Your Safe Once A Month

Keep in mind that even the best gunsafes are susceptible to dust, dirt and debris. This is true regardless of the steel body’s thickness, the type of lock, and the size of the safe. This is also true whether the safe is in the basement or the bedroom.

Plus, there’s the fact that even commercial-grade steel can become corroded and rusty with neglect. Let thick steel become exposed to the natural elements and it will rust over time. Let the chrome locking bolts be deprived of oil and it will corrode, too.

The bottom line: You must clean your gunsafe on a regular basis! Gunsafe experts recommend a monthly maintenance check-ups for best results.

The monthly schedule makes sense on many counts. First, even on your busy schedule, you can set an hour or two cleaning your gunsafe. You can even clean your guns while you’re at it.

Cleaning Kit

Second, the accumulation of dust, dirt and debris will be easier to remove. Your cleaning supplies can be limited to a soft cloth and water-and-mild detergent mixture. You will also have an easier time cleaning the gunsafe.

If you perform a weekly cleaning, you will find it such a chore. You will become tired of it after a while and just stop cleaning the gunsafe.

Look at Your Preferred Support

If you do a quarterly cleaning, your gunsafe will be harder to clean. You will likely find more stubborn stains, encrusted dirt, and even dust bunnies. Your time spent on the task will be longer, too.

A once-a-month cleaning schedule will be ideal. You can even write it down on your calendar or set an alarm on your smartphone. You don’t have to wait until your gunsafe’s as grubby as can be.

Cleaning Tips for Your Gun Safe

The once-a-month cleaning should be as thorough as possible. You must clean every accessible nook and cranny, as well as the surfaces. You should pay close attention to the moving parts, too, including the locks and scanners.

A few tips to keep in mind during the cleaning process:


Remove the Gunsafe’s Contents

You should clean the gunsafe’s interior and exterior. The guns and their accessories inside the gunsafe must be removed and placed in a safe area. You should place the guns away from children’s reach while the cleaning is ongoing.

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Prepare Your Cleaning Supplies in Advance

You must have everything necessary within easy reach. You will then avoid wasting time and energy on going back and forth. You can also finish the job faster and get better results. The gunsafe cleaning supplies are the basic kind, too, including:

  • Soft, abrasive cloth like microfiber cloth. Be sure to use new ones to avoid transferring dirt and dust. Since microfiber cloth is cheap, you can have a full stock of it.
  • Water and mild detergent. Avoid using alcohol-based and ammonia-based cleaners on gunsafes. Otherwise, the finish on the metal can become rusty.
  • Soft brushes. Use them on the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of the gunsafe.
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Start Cleaning The Gunsafe

With the gunsafe empty and the cleaning supplies on hand, you can start cleaning. The best ways to do it is from the inside to outside and top to bottom. You will not be cleaning the same area twice in this manner.

  • Use a handheld vacuum to remove the dust and dirt in the gunsafe. Pay close attention along the nooks and crannies.
  • Use a soft brush on areas with stubborn dust and dirt. The edges and cracks will likely need such close attention.
  • Wipe the interior surfaces of the gunsafe with a clean and dry soft, non-abrasive cloth. In case of stubborn dirt, dip the cloth into a water-mild detergent mixture. Use the damp cloth to remove the stubborn dirt.
  • Clean the racks and shelves, too. The vacuum cleaner and soft cloth will also be useful here.
  • Wipe the exterior of the gunsafe with the soft, non-abrasive cloth. Never use metal polishes and solvents on the metal to avoid damaging the coating. Use a damp cloth to remove stubborn stains, too.

While cleaning your gunsafe, you can also do routine inspection of its parts. You should look out for damaged hinges, locks and scanners. You must also take note of cracks and dents in the body.

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When everything’s as it should be, you can put back the rack and shelves into the gunsafe. Your guns and their accessories come in next. You may also clean your guns since a clean gunsafe is better with clean firearms in it.

Final Verdict

The monthly cleaning of your gunsafe provides several benefits. First, you can extend its life by cleaning many of its moving parts. You will then get better value for your money.

Second, you can perform routine inspections on its interior and exterior. You may then decide to adopt repair and replacement measures, as needed.

Third, you can make an inventory of your gun collection. You can decide whether to add or subtract to it, for example.

Of course, cleaning your gunsafe demands time and energy. You should set the right time for it, such as on a weekend. Your time and energy spent on it will be well worth the benefits.

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