How to Hang an Interior Door?

Do you have an old door at home but do not know how to replace it with a new one? If you are a beginner and you have no idea how to hang a new internal door for the first time, then it will be a good idea for you to find out how you can do it the proper way without making any mistakes.


Replacing a door in your home can sometimes be a hard job, but with the right tools and the right information needed to do this sort of task in your home, you will be able to hang your door yourself without the need to spend any additional money, or hire a professional to do the work for you.

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First of all things that you need to consider before hanging your newly purchased door, is to get the measurements, and make sure that it fits perfectly with the frame that you have in your home.

Doing this the wrong way will result in gaps and spaces around your door, or even worse, a door that won’t even latch to the frame.

If you do not know how to do this the right way, or you are having a hard time finding out how to do it, here are a few simple steps that you can refer to, to ensure you do this correctly without the need for professional help.

A Guide on How to Hang Internal Doors

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How to Hang Internal Doors

Make the necessary preparations for installing your door – Before you do anything, it is always important that you do all the necessary preparations to ensure that you do this correctly. The first thing that you will need to do is:


Take out the Old Door from the Frame

Of course, before replacing the old with the new, you have to make sure that you effectively take out the old door from your doorframe, to make way for the new one.

If you are not planning to re-use the hinges, make sure that you only unscrew the door from the hinges as well as the hinges that can be found in the frame, if your door does not have removable pins.


But in the case that your door has removable pins, and you want to re-use the hinges, you can save a lot of time and effort by just taking out the removable pins that hold the hinges together.

This will allow you to take the door down without any additional effort. Make sure that you start with the top hinge first, and then make your way down.


Measure the Door-frame

Another important part of the preparation, is to find out the measurements of your door-frame, so that you can buy a door with the exact measurements. If you cannot buy a door with the same measurements, you can always alter this yourself at home.

With a measuring tape, make sure that you get the exact height and weight of the edges from the inside door opening and saddle board.

measure doorframe

If you find that the doorway is in transition between the flooring and the floor is of different height, make sure that you measure from the side that is higher, as this will help prevent trimming from the bottom.

If you fail to measure the door-frame properly, but find that the old door is a good fit, you can always measure the door itself to save yourself the hassle of doing the entire process again a second time.


Buy a Door

Assuming that you have not bought a door yet, make sure that you find something that closely resembles the fit of your door frame. You do not need to be particular on the size, because if the door does not fit exactly the way you have hoped, you can trim it later on.

new door


Trim the Door

As mentioned, if you already bought a door but you are worried about it not being able to fit your door frame, you can trim the sides a little bit to make it fit in your door frame.

Make sure that you apply the measurements that you took before you hand, so that you can ensure that the sides are even when you trim it.

trim door


Positioning Your Hinges

If you made the decision to go with new hinges, make sure that they fit in the spaces where your old hinges were placed. If you find that they do not fit, place them in such a way that the bottom lines are aligned with the old hinge.

positioning hinges

If the old door was a perfect fit, place the new door on top of the new door so that the edges are seen. Mark the new door with a pencil or a marker, or so that you can better see it. If you do not want to use a pencil or a marker, you can use a utility knife.


Screw the Hinges to the New Door

After you have successfully marked your new door with the necessary marks, you can now screw on the hinges.

Make sure that you set the hinge into the mortise, and then screw the hinges in place. Make sure that they are securely fastened so that you do not have to re-screw them.

setup door


Hang the Door

If you have selected hinges with removable pins, make sure that you have at least half the hinge fixed to the door frame, so that it does not fall or won’t be hard for you to screw the door in place.

You can use a drill to screw the hinges in place, so that it is less effort on your end and less time spent.

new door ready

Final Words

Hanging a door to your old door-frame is very easy, as long as you get the right tools, and follow the instructions to make this job successful.

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