4 Ways to Customize Gun Safe for Better Security

All firearm owners are different. Some may like to use guns for sports like hunting, while the others make collecting guns a hobby. But the majority of the others who own a gun collection, may use it to protect their family from unwanted people who may end up entering their homes.


​Those who are so fond of guns will even try to customize their guns by adding extra parts and features or engraving the handles.

For those firearm owners who love to customize their weapons, it would be pretty obvious that they will also want to customize their gun safes. Each owner will have their own preference, and will also have very different needs for when it comes to customizing a safe.​

Having a durable safe that cannot be accessible by other people and at any time will help ensure that it does not get tampered with or misfired by unauthorized people.​

There are many ways that you can customize your safe and alter the interior to how you want it to look like. We have provided some tips on how to successfully customize your safe to match your style and needs.​

Use Concrete to Anchor Your Safe

Gun safe makers would often like to show off their safe, by how many guns they can squeeze inside of them.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find a safe that is big enough on the market that has high capacity interiors you will have to do this yourself if you want to put your entire gun collection inside of it.

Some designs are also really small that when you place your guns, they will become jammed too close together, which are not good for guns like rifles with long barrels, deep pistol grips and wide fore-end guns.

If you are going to get a safe, make sure that you have ample space to move around or at least big enough so that you can customize the interior to how you would like it.


If you let yourself jam all your guns inside the safe, when you try to take it out, it will be difficult for you to access the guns. Your entire collection would have to be laid outside of the safe before you can get to all the guns placed at the back part of your safe.

So, as a practical reality, most safes will not deliver the result that you want for owners with scoped rifles and larger guns. Now, what can we do about that problem?

The solution would be to get a safe get a safe that is big enough than what you need, and then customize it the way you want it to look.

First things first, before you can customize your safe properly, you will have to make sure that it is secure and non-moveable regardless if it is small because you own small guns, or big because you own big guns.

What you will want to do is bolt down the safe, and the best way that you can do that securely, is by bolting it to concrete. Bolting it down to concrete will ensure that no thieves will be able to get it. Follow these steps to help you bolt it down to a concrete floor:


First start by drilling a hole into the concrete using a hammer drill and carbide tipped masonry drill bit.

Before you do this, make sure that you match the size with the outside diameter of the drop in anchor that you will be using to drill into the concrete. The hole depth must exceed the minimum embedment.


After you have drilled the hole in the concrete, make sure that you clear the hole of any extra debris, so that it will be easy for you to put in the anchor.



Now that you have cleared the hole, start by driving the anchor into the hole until it is flushed with the surface of the concrete.

Make sure that you use a properly sized setting tool to put the anchor into the hole. And then expand the anchor by inserting the setting tool into the anchor and fixed with several solid hammer blows.


You will know if you have managed to fix the anchor securely when the shoulder of the setting tool is flush with the top of the anchor.


If you want to set the anchor below the surface, start by drilling a hole deeper than the length of the anchor.


Thread the bolt into the anchor, and then hammer the drop-in anchor into the hole until the head of the bolt is at the desired depth. Remove the bolt then set the anchor with the proper sized tool as indicated above.

All in all, customizing your safe is better than buying a safe that is either too big but with no compartments that you can use to keep your guns in. it would be better to have someone make a safe that is designed and set to your specifications.

Along with customizing the interior, anchoring your safe is another part of customization. It would be a good idea to anchor your safe to concrete floors these are the best because concrete is flat.

If you put the safe on an uneven surface, there is a good chance that the lock will not work properly and the door will stay locked. This is why it is better to plan ahead before getting a safe. Failure to do this may end up with problems when it comes to installing the safe.

Final Verdict

A gun safe that meets your specific requirements may not be easily available on the market, which is why it may be best to have it customized. If you have a large collection of guns, this would be the better option rather than buying a safe that cannot accommodate all your guns.​

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