3 Types of Gun Locks and Which One Is Best for You?

Do you have firearms at home? If you own one, then you would know how important it is to keep it safe from other people especially your kids. As a safety precaution, gun owners should always take responsibility for finding a way to keep their weapons away from their family members.


Hiding it just anywhere like your cabinet, underneath your bed, inside a vase, or maybe inside a cupboard, are not good places to keep your firearm.

When keeping a gun, it is important to keep it in a place where no one can touch it, that is why keeping it in a gun safe is always the first option or inside a gun case.

If you own a gun case at home, sometimes locking it with a simple padlock or a combination will not be good enough, sometimes you also have to lock the gun itself.

Believe it or not, there are gun locks that you can buy in a gun store that is designed to literally lock your gun with a simple key. These types of locks come in very handy if you do not like keeping your gun in a gun safe.​

key lock safe

There are many types of gunlocks that you can buy out there, but not all will be able to fit your need.

When choosing a gun lock, you must take in mind what you are going to use it for, if it is for the sole purpose of just locking your gun even if you do not have a safe, or are you going to lock your gun for pure protection against robbers and other members of your family that may end up using it by mistake?​

We have listed a complete guide on how you can choose the perfect gunlock for your gun. Here are some options that you can try and look into before considering to buy just anything off the market.​

Types of Gun Locks

As mentioned above, there are many types of gunlocks that you can choose from which will help in making your firearm hard to discharge in case of an emergency.

These types of locks may be less effective than keeping it in a normal gun safe, but if you want to make it more convenient for you, you still have the option to go with this type of precaution.

But you must keep in mind that if you are going to go with this type of lock, thieves will have the ability to bypass the lock at their own convenience, since some locks function with a simple lock and key. Here are some other types of gunlocks that you may want to look into:


Trigger Locks

These kinds of gun locks are used to avoid trigger motions, but it does not guarantee that the gun will not misfire. Some of these locks are made to match the design of the weapon, with no extra parts needed aside from the key that locks the gunlock.

This type of lock is used by placing the two ends either side behind the trigger and locked in place, and can be unlocked with a standard lock and key.

trigger lock

There are also other types of trigger locks that do not just go behind the trigger, but the entire area behind the trigger guard, which makes the trigger unusable when this lock is placed.

This will be a good option, if you like to go to a shooting range. It will prevent other people or yourself from misfiring the gun without your knowledge.


Cable Locks

These types of gunlocks are quite popular, and closely resemble that of a chamber lock that usually threads through the ejection port of repeating action weapons.

These are guns like machine guns; the cable lock will help prevent full cycling of the action. This will also stop the battery from returning with the breech fully closed.

cable lock

If you own a pistol or a rifle at home along with your other collection of guns, cable locks will also prevent you from inserting the magazine inside the gun properly.


Chamber Locks

The goal of this lock is to completely block the ammunition from being chambered. If you may have noticed, there are some weapons out that there that cannot be discharged unless the ammunition is placed in the correct position.

These types of locks can also be used to prevent live ammunition from being loaded into the firearm by blocking the chamber with the use of a fake cartridge.

The cartridge is sometimes squeezed inside using a tool, kind of like jamming a gun. Another type of chamber lock are those types with steel rods that are locked into the safety cartridge and serves as the key.

If you are going to use this kind of gunlock, make sure that the safety cartridge is engaged fully, and the dummy round is not allowed to eject nor allow someone to load the ammunition into the firearm.

These locks will be useful if the firearm you own is a revolver, a rifle or a shotgun. These locks are also available in any length or caliber and may include features like rapid removal, keying, and rough testing.

Final verdict

​Finding the proper lock with the best safety feature is the best way that you can ensure that your gun does not get tampered with anyone else aside from yourself. You may want to look into the locks that are stated above and gage from there which one is the best one for you to use.

​In conclusion, gun locks come in many different shapes and sizes. So before you get one for you to use, make sure that you buy something that will not only suit the shape and size of your gun, but also be right for that specific gun.

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