Things to Consider While Buying a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Who wouldn’t want to have a tidy-looking home without having to clean the traditional way? Thanks to vacuum cleaners, maintaining a fresh and dirt-free abode has never been so easy. But as these machines run aplenty in the market, how can you find which is most suitable for your preference?


But as these machines run aplenty in the market, how can you find which is most suitable for your preference? In this feature, we’ve gathered important notes on how to pick a good vacuum cleaner. Whether you’re a first-timer, or you’re trying to buy a new one, this read is for you!

Things to Consider

To master how to pick a good vacuum cleaner, keep the things we’ve listed below in mind:

Know Which Type Suits Your Home

Generally, there are two kinds -- an upright and a cylinder. Upright vacuum cleaners. These are the common large cleaning machines that your push in front of you. They are easy to control and highly effective if you’re cleaning carpeted floor areas.

However, they are heavier compared with cylinders. You might also find it hard to reach small corners -- you would need to buy separate attachments just to clean tricky areas of your house.

Their power can also cause some disadvantage -- especially when it goes over some types of carpet and pulls its threads.

Know Which Type Suits Your Home

Cylinder vacuum cleaners: These are more compact vacuum cleaners that follow behind you while you maneuver the attached hose in front of you. It gets rid of dirt through a cleverly-designed suction process. 

As they lightweight, you can easily carry it out to the upper floors of your house. They can also reach into tight corners, though they may not be of huge help if you’re cleaning carpeted areas.

Determine with or without Bag

Vacuum cleaners with a dust-bag in the main compartment is designed to store dirt and debris you pick up while cleaning.

You have the option to empty it out after cleaning then put it back again, or dispose it entirely and have it replaced by another bag. This might cost you some money but this type of vacuum cleaner can really be hygenic to use.

Bagless vacuum cleaners rely mostly on filters situated within the dust canister. The cyclonic technology equipped in it helps separate the dust from the air, and store it inside the canister.


While this could be a cheaper option (you won’t have to buy dust-bags again and again), it could get really messy when you’re already cleaning out the canister.

Look for the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter

Vacuum cleaners with this identity can keep most particles not visible to the naked eye. If you’re concern is about you or your family member’s allergy or asthma, cleaners rated with HEPA filter could be the best choice.


Check out the Attachments

Check out the attachments that come with the vacuum cleaner’s package. You might want to acquire a vacuum cleaner, and other accessories like crevice nozzle, upholstery brush and hose in just one purchase.


Consider the Length of the Cord

Consider the length of the vacuum cleaner’s cord. It will really be helpful if the cord is long enough so you won’t have plug and unplug it again and again as your go to different parts of your house.


Look for Pet Hair Features

Look for pet hair features, especially if you have a cat or a dog at your home. This feature will help you suck furs off sofas, stairs and even car interiors.


Other Kinds of Vacuum Cleaners

Apart from the usual uprights and cylinders, you might also want to look for other kinds of vacuum cleaners that offer their own set of pros and cons.

  • Hand-held vacuum cleaners. These handy models can have a cord, or can be cordless. If you’re into quick surface cleaning, especially on bare floors, this can already do the job for you. However, they don’t have enough power compared to that of uprights’ and cylinders’.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners. These cleaning machines do the job while you yourself can relax. It can get through the tightest of spots, and some newer models can already be controlled via an accompanying smartphone app. These, however, are limited to surface cleaning -- it cannot be at par with the deep cleaning offered by upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners.
  • Stick vacuum cleaners. Designed to pick up surface dirt and litter, these cleaners can be an option if you want a lightweight cleaning body that can snappily tidy up your home. However, these machines are fairly noisy, so prepare to get a little distracted by the sound they produce.


Vacuum cleaners were invented to help maintaining a tidy house efficiently. These machines aid a lot in saving time and energy, which you can use for other household chores like cooking or doing the laundry.

In this substantial read, we’ve listed down important things to consider on how to pick a good vacuum cleaner. Digest all these notes and make no mistake in spending some cash to acquire the best cleaning buddy that you can have!

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