5 Things to Consider While Evaluating a Gun Safe

Some states might not require gun owners to have a gun safe at home. But is this right? Hundreds of firearm accidents happen every single year. Some of the victims happened to be kids who weren’t supposed to be toying with guns.


While the law may not require this of you, common sense should tell you to get one. However, some households refuse to on the basis that parents say they teach their kids about gun safety.​

But an experiment conducted by the police showed that gun safety education will do little to prevent kids from toying with a real gun. If you were in your right mind, you would get a gun safe to protect your kids.

gun safety kids

Aside from preventing kids from playing with your guns, this will prevent thieves from stealing them.​ Now that you know about some of the benefits of a gun safe, the next question now is, which of these should you buy?​

To help you evaluate what makes up a good gun safe, read the rest of the article. This will give you tipsand ideas on how to look for a quality gun safe.​

Investigate The Safe Specifications before Buying

Treat buying a gun safe like you will be shopping for a new gun. How do you go about the process of buying a gun anyway?

Isn’t it that you go online and then ask other people if they’ve used it? You take the time to investigate what makes it a good gun. You also dig deeper into its specifications. Use the same care when shopping for a gun safe.

You see, contrary to common belief, gun safes are very different from each other. Gun safes may look like they’re the same piece of metal with a lock on them from the outside, but they are not. Just take a look at their specifications.


If you’re not at all familiar with them, you can ask the sales guy about them. There’s just a catch to this though – sales guys don’t usually tell all that needs to be told.

Some valuable information could be withdrawn which could prevent you from making the best decision. The best thing to do is investigate gun safe’s specifications.

Look at These Things When Buying A Gun Safe



How many guns do you plan to store at home? This is one of the basic questions that you need to ask yourself when buying a gun safe. Gun safes come in varied sizes. Obviously, a smaller one is intended for smaller gun. Bigger firearms on the other hand require larger gun safes.

big safe

The perfect size would be the one that can hold your collection or has more room if you’re the type to buy guns out of a whim.


Security Rating

Gun safes come in different security ratings, offering varied levels or protection. Experts recommend choosing a certain security rating based on what you plan to store inside the gun safe.

Take note that gun safes are used by other people to keep a range of objects that include the likes of important documents or other valuable assets. Gun safes that passed a five-minute attack test would have a TL rating of TL-5 or RSC rating.


This rating is often given to low-end safes but can also be applied to supposedly secure safes that have not undergone any type of testing. These are okay for keeping things valued at 5,000 USD.

A B rating has a half inch plate door and ¼ inch body, good enough for keeping objects valued at 10,000 USD. More valuable objects require higher security ratings. The higher the rating, the more difficult it will be to pry into these.​

Take note that ratings at times can be subjective depending on the manufacturer. Example, an imported good may have been labeled with a TL rating but offer little to no protection. For this reason, it’s important to do your research.


Fire Rating

There are several incidences of fire that happen annually. This is why you ought to consider getting a gun safe that offers fire protection.

Most experts would recommend one that could withstand a minimum fire rating of one hour. Of course, the choice would still depend upon your discretion.

fireproof gun safe

If you live just a few minutes away from the fire department, then a gun safe with a 30 minute rating might suffice.

Always look for a fire seal on the door of the gun safe. A fire rating becomes useless without the fire seal in place which is sometimes the case in cheap gun safes.



Gun safes come with different types of locks. Some of these come with a manual dial lock. Some have electronic locks. Some are more sophisticated with their biometric locks.

Which is the best one? Just like with security and fire rating, locks will have their own ratings. If you want quality a dial or electronic lock, look for the U.L. rating.

manual lock safe

Some gun safes have redundant locks – they can function as either a mechanical or an electronic lock. You can open the gun safe when the other lock fails to function.



Gun safes made of thicker steel will weigh much more than ordinary gun safes. These gun safes often offer higher fire rating as well as security rating. The thick doors and walls make it difficult for people to move them without a pair of extra hands.


In comparison lighter ones are made of thinner steel. While they offer lesser protection against theft, they have one advantage – it’s easy for you to move them from one place to another.

Final Verdict

​A quality safe will have a high fire protection and security rating. This should also have a pair of high quality locks to prevent gun theft. The ideal size would be something that could house your personal gun collection.

Some experts would tell you to get a bigger one. Many burglaries happen every single day that is why it’s important to have a gun safe if you are a gun collector.

This will not only prevent your collection from falling into the wrong hands, it could also protect your own kids from becoming a victim to gun accidents.​

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