3 Essential Gun Safety Tips While You Are at Home!

Are you a gun owner? If you decide that keeping your firearm at home will be better for you and your family’s protection, then you have to be responsible enough that your weapons are stored properly in a safe place where no one will be able to take it out of your safe place.


Taking the necessary precautions is important especially if you have kids running around your house. Along with keeping it safe, you also have to make sure that you are able to access it quickly, if in any case that your family might be at threat by robbers.​

There are many ways that you can ensure that your weapons are safe in times that you need it, you can use a gun safe or a gun case, but the better option would be to put inside a gun safe that is very secure and hard to get through.​

gun safe

The gun safe that you have would have to be bolted to the floor as well so that you can ensure that robbers will not be able to take it from your home. When you own a gun safe, getting fire and flooding protection would be essential, because you will never know when you need it.​

If you are going to purchase a gun safe for the first time, make sure that there is a UL rating found on the inside of the safe, to ensure that it has been tested for fire protection as well as protection from strong attacks made by robbers.

If you don't have a gun safe, here are some ways that you can practice safe gun usage while at home so that no one in your household gets hurt.​

Keep Your Gun Unloaded When Not in Use

If you are going to lend your firearms to a friend or family member whom you trust with your life, the proper way to hand a gun is by unloading it.

By unloading the gun, you ensure that the gun does not get misfired by mistake. Another safety precaution would be to check the magazine and the chamber to check if it is loaded.

The best way that you can communicate to someone else that the gun is unloaded, is by locking the bolt, slide and the cylinder in the open position.

unloaded gun

By doing this, you ensure that even if the trigger gets pulled accidentally, no bullets will be fired accidentally. You can also check the manual that comes with the firearm, it will be indicated there how you can take care of your firearm the right way.

If you are not using your firearm or bringing it to a firing range, you should always unload the firearm. In many cities, there are some laws against carrying a loaded gun out in public, or in a vehicle without the proper paperwork.

Even if you are just going to a repair shop or a gun shop, you should still keep the papers inside your car so that you can show the authorities your paper when they ask you.

Safety Tips for Your Gun While You Are at Home

Like everything else mentioned above, there are other ways that you can keep the people around you safe, here are some tips and tricks on how to protect your guns and other people from using it:


Don’t Just Hide Your Guns

When you have guns in the house, don't hide your guns just anywhere and expect no one else in your household to find it right away. Always make sure to keep it in a place where it is unseen by other people. This is where a gun safe will come in.

gun under pillow

Also, don't give anyone else permission to access your codes or your locks, unless you trust them enough or they have undergone some kind of training for shooting.

Do not hide it in areas like underneath your bed, underneath your mattress, inside your china cabinet, or inside a small pot. These areas are all very accessible by your kids or robbers. Make sure that you keep it in an area where no one else will be able to get it.


Don’t Keep Your Firearms Loaded

When you are just hanging out at home, make sure that you do not leave your guns loaded. If you think that leaving your gun loaded even while you’re at home, will reduce the risk of an invader this is not true.

loaded gun

It is better to keep everything in one place where it will be better to get everything all at once, and then load the gun on the go. This will be a better option.


Do Not Point The Gun at Anything

Even if the gun is not loaded, do not attempt to point the gun at anything especially anyone, because even if it is not loaded, there is still the possibility that you could forget to take out the magazine out of the gun.


Plus, it will become a very bad habit that your kids can imitate if they see you pointing the gun pointed at something or someone while the gun is loaded.

Final verdict

​If you are going to keep your firearm at home, make sure that you keep in a secure area where no one else will be able to take it from you. It would be better to keep it in a safe, or a gun case where it is secured with a biometric lock or at least a key.

If your safe has a biometric lock, only you will be able to open the safe, as this is programmed to scan only your finger.

​In conclusion, gun safety is crucial for any owner; you must always be responsible when owning a gun. If your gun gets into the hands of the wrong person, it can put a lot of people in danger.

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