5 Efficient Ways to Keep Squirrels out of Garden Permanently

Although you may have fun watching the frolics of these small aerial acrobats, you perhaps don’t wish squirrels roaming and snacking in your yard. When pondering how to keep squirrels out of garden, you will discover that there are, luckily, many different choices.


Ways to Check Squirrel Presence

  • Observation - Different from some other garden nuisances, squirrels are awake and feeding during daytime and asleep at night. Although if you haven’t caught them yet in the act of roaming around your garden, there are a numerous signs you can search for to tip you off its presence.
  • Droppings - Squirrel composts are oblong bits and about the size of a tiny bean. Droppings are usually reddish brown and its color will lighten over some time. It will most probable be distributed but may be seen in piles in parts near common feeding areas.
  • Chewing - Squirrels are considered rodents, and rodents are persistently driven to chew items in order to maintain their teeth chiseled. Squirrels perceive that a garden structure or wooden deck makes an enjoyable chew item.
  • Digging - Squirrels are compelled by instinct to hoard nuts for the winter. During nut yield season a squirrel can conceal more than a hundred nuts for one day. If you notice squirrels excavating in your backyard they are possibly either hiding food for the winter or plowing up food they earlier buried.

Protecting Your Garden against Squirrels

Squirrels are very common in many areas. While you can try to have them out of your garden, it is usually more practical to outwit them.

Try some of these strategies on how to keep squirrels out of your garden, but keep in mind that what works for several squirrels, may not actually work for others.


Homemade Repellents

There are a lot of recipes available online for homemade repellents and most of these repellants are natural and safe. The formula usually takes around 20-25 minutes to cook. Let it cool after cooking and finally strain through a fine mesh filter.

  • Combine 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar. You can also use bleach instead of vinegar.
  • Mix well.
  • Pour the mixture in a spray bottle.
  • Spray in the areas that ants frequent.

Since the quality of the materials plays a huge role in the effectiveness of the product, the better quality, and usually the higher priced, your ingredients and apparatuses are, the better the repellent will be.



  • Wire Mesh Fencing - One option on how to keep squirrels out of the garden is to surround your yard using a C fence. Fix it in a C form with a foot of the barrier going into your garden at the bottom. You need to make the upper part of the fence curve that if the squirrels climb the fence it will simply end up falling to the ground.
  • Plastic Netting – Another method is a physical fence that is hard for a squirrel to cross. While plastic netting can slow them down, eventually it will prove impractical as squirrels will just eat through these.
  • Electric Garden Fencing - One technique that gardeners may consider is an electric garden barrier. This kind of fencing will provide you a lifetime aid from squirrels.


Animal Repellents

The most inexpensive and time efficient technique is to use animal repellents that aid discourage squirrels from getting close to your yard. These method is humane, safe, and will not cause any harm to your family or pets.



Animal Traps

Another solution for displacing squirrels away from your garden is by using squirrel traps. These traps are very easy to use, however elimination and relocation of squirrels can be difficult.


These traps are recyclable, so this is considered as a one-time expenditure, and can last for years.



Getting the services of a local expert who specializes in pest termination is the fastest choice, but is also the most costly and is not actually humane.

Since squirrels are classified as rodents, like rats and mice, pest control specialists simply exterminate these animals, instead of trying to trap and displace them.



If these creatures have entered your yard you should take action by learning on to how to keep squirrels out of garden and discourage them from recurring.

The diversities of products that can be utilized to deter squirrels are many. The key to effectively eliminate squirrels is finding the appropriate technique and product for your garden.

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