5 Easy and Effective Tips to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

Your vacuum cleaner functions hard to maintain your home looking spotless and smelling nice. For majority of homeowners, vacuum cleaners are frequently a great investment into their home. And just like any investment, homeowners want to know ways how to maintain a vacuum cleaner.


There are a lot of things every homeowner can do to make sure the vacuum functions as it should for numerous years to come. Before are some maintenance tips you should consider to aid you take care of your cleaning equipment.

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Vacuum Maintenance Recommendations


Change the Bag on a Regular Basis

One of the easiest and quickest things you can actually do to keep your vacuum cleaner is to change the bag regularly. Many homeowners assume that bags just need to be changed when they are already full.

However, to maintain your cleaning machine working at its greatest, you will want to change the bag when it’s about 2/3 full and not when it’s totally packed with dirt and dust. 

Debris needs space to go into the bag, therefore, a huge accumulation of particles inside it will mean to less room for what the machine can pick up. With this, the machine will no longer work as powerfully as it should.


There are particular signs that indicate a vacuum bag is already full, or perhaps getting close to it. One of the most obvious marks is when you vacuum a surface and discover it covered in debris and particles that wasn’t actually there before. 

This naturally occurs because the bag is already full, and rubbish escaped from the bag and made its way back to the carpet. One more sign is when you discover the vacuum cleaner suction is not as sturdy as it should be.


Make Definite the Bag Is Appropriately Connected

This seems easy to do, however with so numerous different models, brands and types of vacuum cleaners, attaching the vacuum bag may prove to be rather challenging for some users. This is particularly real for people doing it for the very first time.

While the process of connecting a bag will vary, one thing that remain constant is that you have to be sure that the bag’s opening is firmly attached to the nozzle. If there are holders, hooks, or clips, you will need to firmly connect those in place too.


If the bag is not correctly attached, you could discover that debris and other particles doesn’t pass in the bag, but instead block up the inside of the machine. 

This can cause damage to the vacuum cleaner, as the moving components will not be able to do their function as excellently as it could. Once this occurs, it’s virtually impossible to remove all of the debris out of the cleaning machine.

Additionally, once you find the right bag, stock up on them. With so many new models coming out every year, you never know when the manufacturer will stop making bags for your older model vacuum cleaner.

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Clean the Brush Roll

Every homeowner should understand how to use a vacuum cleaner as well us upkeep it. Sometimes, you will need to examine the brush roll of your cleaner. 

Over time, some items can get trapped and wrapped around the brush roll that can stop it from spinning well. These things include hair, string, pet furs, and floss.

You can take out these items while the brush roll is in place or you can also remove the roll. It’s recommended to remove the rush roll from the vacuum cleaner if you feel comfortable doing so. You will be able to perform a deeper clean by taking it away.


Although it may vary from one model to another, the brush roller of most cleaners are connected by a plate. You will need to remove the plate and slide the brush roll out from the spaces on either side. 

When you have identified items wrapped around the brush roll, you can get rid of them with scissors or with your fingers. Gently pull these items from the brush roll until they come fully off. You may also consider washing it off with water and soap, just to guarantee that it’s as clean.


Examine the Belt

One you’re done checking the roll, you may also want to examine the belt that keeps the brush roll in place. When the belt is not tight well against the brush roll, you may consider replacing it. 

Assess to see if it’s stretched out, narrow or frayed. Also be sure that the belt hasn’t become damaged in a certain spot or slid out of place.


The belt should be changed every six months as much as possible. This isn’t a solid number, nevertheless, as it really be subject to the rate of which you use your cleaner.

If you don’t utilize your cleaner frequently, then you probably won’t have to change the belt two times a year. Though, if you use the vacuum cleaner every day, then maybe you will have to change the belt every three months.


Check the Hoses and Filters

Many vacuum cleaner models, especially newer models, have filters connected to assist pick up objects and particles that may infect your interior air quality. If the cleaner has a filter, you will have to clean and occasionally replace it.


Sometimes hoses get big objects stuck inside them. If you discover that your hose connection isn’t working properly, a trapped items may be the cause. You can see the object by looking into the hose or by piercing a hook inside it to check if it hits against any items.

The most common items that get caught inside hoses include underwear, socks or small toys.

Final Thoughts

A vacuum cleaner, like any other home appliance, proper maintenance is needed to help keep it functioning as powerfully as it should. Due to its various working components, it requires an extra care and a comprehensive cleaning.

This is very easy to perform when you understand how to maintain a vacuum cleaner. Replacing cleaning machine can be very costly, but making time to keep it functioning well can be fairly quick and effortless when you follow the recommendations above.

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