8 Important Safety Tips for Drilling

One of the tools that you should always have around in the house is the power drill. You can use it for hanging a picture, making a cabinet, and many other projects. Indeed, using a power drill can save you a lot of time, money, and effort.


But as the term itself suggests, the drill is a powerful tool. You can use it to drill holes into wood, metal, and even concrete. You can install different kinds of drill bits depending on your project. Since the drill is a powerful tool, you should be careful whenever you use it.

Regardless of the kind of drilling you plan to do, you should always consider your safety. Aside from preparing your tools, you also need to prepare your attire as well as your work space.


Safety First!

No matter how many times you have used the power drill in the past, it is important to be prepared and careful each time. Remember that it only takes a split second of distraction to make a crucial mistake. And so, here are some safety and preparation tips before you start drilling:


Wear the Proper Attire

Do not take your working clothes for granted. They are your first line of defense against any problem during the drilling project. In fact, you should prepare the following things before using any type of power tool or machine:

  • Safety Goggles. Whenever you drill, dust and tiny particles could hit or enter your eyes. Not only will this cause some pain and discomfort, it could also lead to a more serious vision problem. To avoid this, protect your eyes by wearing a good pair of safety goggles.
  • Work Gloves. Before handling a power drill, you should put on some thick work gloves first. These will protect you from the hot surface of the drill and drill bit. These will also help keep your hand steady during the powerful impact and vibration of the drill.
  • Protective Clothes. To protect your body while using a power drill, wear a thick jacket. Do not wear long and loose clothes as these could get tangled as you work. Likewise, do not wear any jewelry and keep long hair away from the work surface.


Prepare Your Work Space

Aside from preparing your work clothes, prepare your work space as well. Keep children and other people away so that they do not get hurt. Also, make sure that your dog, cat, or any other pet is not near the working area.

By keeping kids and pets away, you lessen the risk of getting distracted while you work. You can also ensure their safety as well as your own.


Don’t forget to clear up trash and other materials in the work area that could be affected by the power drill.

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Charge the Power Drill

If you are using a cordless power drill, make sure that you charge it properly before handling it. Furthermore, check the temperature of the drill and its batteries. If the batteries are too hot or too cold, they could get damaged or malfunction.


After using the drill, see to it that you store it in a cool and dry place. This will make sure that your drill is at the right temperature as much as possible.


Handle the Drill with Care

The way you handle the drill can also help prevent any serious accidents. Always carry the power drill by its base. Do not carry it by the tip, as this is where you insert the drill bit.

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In the same way, do not carry your power drill by its trigger. Otherwise, you might end up hurting someone accidentally. If you are using batteries, always remove them from the battery units right after each use.


Check the Power Drill

Even if you have used your power drill many times before, it wouldn’t hurt to check it right before each use. Make sure that it is in good working order and that every part is functioning well.

If you have just bought a new drill, have it registered with the manufacturer so that they can repair or replace it when needed.

power drill


Keep Your Object Steady

Aside from making sure that your power drill is safe, you should also look into the safety of the object you will work on. Make sure that it is secure and in place using a clamp or other tools. When the object is steady, you can drill a hole without any problems.



Drill a Pilot Hole

Drilling a pilot hole will help ensure that you do the job with great accuracy. The pilot hole will guide you once you start your drilling project. It will help you from making mistakes such as drilling into the wrong place.



Mark the Depth of the Hole

Sometimes, you might need to drill a hole at a particular depth depending on your object. You can do this by wrapping small piece of electrical tape around your drill bit. The tape will mark the depth of your hole and signal when it is time to stop drilling.


Final Verdict

A powerful tool such as the drill can help you do a many tasks around the house. But it also needs to be handled with care and safety. To avoid hurting yourself and the people around you, make sure that you follow the safety tips given above.

If you’ve been drilling for a long time and think you do not need to learn about safety, think again. You can never be too careful when it comes to handling a power drill and other machines. To ensure your safety when using a power drill, look back on these tips time and time again.

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