Simple Hacks to Get Double Protection for Your Gun Safe

In these dangerous times, having a weapon inside the home is a necessity. When you have kids at home, things may change a little. You have to know that as young as 3 years old, one could easily pull already a trigger.


Some safety measures from the National Schooling Foundation were given to parents and families with guns inside the house and by the director of Project Child Safe:​

  • Guns should never be at children’s reach.
  • Don’t store beside each other guns and ammunition. Place them in separate secured locations.
  • Educate your children about the danger of touching gun parts or a gun that goes the same in other houses.

​Being a gun owner gives you the responsibility and liability to keep these weapons away from the wrong people, most especially from children. The director emphasized that kids aren’t mature enough to know when to use the guns. They may see it as a pretend play only.

How do you lock securely guns? Technology has made guns more robust and secured nowadays that makes just shooting easily impossible. A gun shop owner described that some guns have covered triggers whereas others have fitting cable for the barrel.​

For the older type of guns, there are locks which you can purchase at the shop. Never try to do it on your own if you are not familiar with gun and gun parts.

You may call some local enforcement department if you don’t find one in your local gun shop. They give cable-style locks to gun owners who want to have secure locks. Most of these policemen coordinate with Project ChildSafe program.​


​Gun storage provides also a very good security. Just think how these curious kids go around and look at things in the house.

Hiding a gun inside the closet, underneath the coats or a drawer is a recipe for disaster. Children will find these gun anywhere you hide it unless you get yourself a gun case to secure your weapon.

These protective cases may hold one or more guns depending on the size. It is common to have a keypad lock or combination for these safes. Nowadays, there are also biometric locks which require the gun owners fingerprint or even a palm to open the door.​


In keeping your weapon and ammunition separately, make sure that you secure them in a locked place where keys also are positioned in different areas. Again, make sure that it is out of reach from children. Gun cleaners or solvents should also be locked up.​

When Do You Need to Lock Up?

As soon as your child starts crawling, probably at his 6th month, you need to be serious about locking away your guns.

The American Academy of Pediatrics also suggests that parents should ask other homeowners where playdates or parties are done to store securely their guns if they have one or more in their house.

Teaching a child about gun contacts could help save them or other lives. When they see guns at home or at another person’s house it is crucial that they:

  • Don’t touch the weapon.
  • Discontinue what they are doing
  • Dip the cloth into the water-detergent mixture.
  • Go away from the premises.
  • Tell an adult about it ASAP.
parent talking to child

Project ChildSafe’s director recommends telling the kids all the time that “it is never ok to touch a gun or weapon unless an adult is there”.

When there are no grownups around and one child is playing with a gun, the best thing to do is leave the room right away and tell the adults immediately.

Televisions give kids ideas on guns and how to use them. Explain to them that movies and games are not real. What they see may not do any harm but in real life, real lives are lost, accidents do happen and families are torn.

On the other hand, there are some families wherein guns are part of their culture. Older children are taught how to take care of guns, secure them and in return they learn how to respect such weapon.

Final Thoughts

​Target shooting or hunting under one’s adult supervision is actually a healthy thing as long as he knows how to properly handle it, store and secure these weapons.

Through that, the older child will learn how to make a good understand of guns and make a good habit from it. With the right education regarding gun safety, older kids will have a good impact using a gun.

It is, on the other hand, not a good idea once you see a child showing signs of depression. Arranging a gun outside of the house should be done. Teens nowadays have become prone to suicides. A high increase has developed over the years.

In one study, families with guns inside their homes have ten times more likely to have suicidal attempts and tragedy in the house.​

Safety should always be a priority of the parents or any adult who has children inside their home. It is a responsibility to get a gun safe for your weapons to avoid uncertainties. Having a gun safe gives you secure protection and a relaxed living inside the house.

Babies, toddlers and even teens could take hold of guns; all of them would have the tendency to pull the trigger. It is never too late to put everything in place.

Again, lock those gun triggers, store the ammunition away from the guns and most importantly, store them in a secure and locked protective case.

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