Dewalt DWE1014 3/8-Inch 0-2800 RPM VS Drill with Keyed Chuck Review

Dewalt drill is a tool used to bore holes and fasten various materials together. It comes with a chuck on which you can mount a drill bit or a drive bit. Weighing 3.9 pounds and having a 10.1x 9.1 x2.8 inch dimension Dewalt drill is compact allowing portability.


Due to its aforementioned weight, this tool is of a lightweight design that makes you handle it for a longer time without fatigue. It is operated on 120 volts and consumes 440 watts of power which is supplied through an electric that comes with it.

With a 0-2800 RPM variable speed you have a tool that provides versatile services, that is, low speed to high speed requiring operations.

Also, DeWalt drill comes with an excellent quality 1 Package, which helps to protect it from unnecessary damage hence cutting down on maintenance cost.

The drill has a hustle-free certification and a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.





Heat Resistance




  • Long power cord for a wide working area
  • Keyed chuck helps handle a variety of drill bits
  • Variable speed widens its application
  • Compact and lightweight to reduce fatigue on the operator
  • Low power consumption


  • Application is limited to bits of 3/8 inches and below

Key Features


Textured Pistol Handgrip Design

Drilling operations have do not have a particular fixed posture. You can do the drilling over your head, on walls or even on ground with a high degree of comfort. This is aided by its compact and lightweight design.

DeWalt drill DW1014 3/8 inch drill also has handle contoured and textured for firm grip helping the user to exercise a higher level of control on the tool.


Lock-on Switch

Sometimes maintaining the required level of concentration in the workshop may present a challenge.

The lock-on switch which is a key feature on DeWalt drill DW1014 3/8 inch drill saves you the agony of having to hold on the trigger switch throughout your operation and therefore gives you the space to concentrate on achieving precision and accuracy.


0-2800 RPM Variable Speed Trigger

Workshop activities are versatile. The drill can either be fitted with a drill bit or be used to bore holes or be fitted with drive bit and be used as a fastener all of which require different speeds.

Some drilling activities like wood drilling require high speed while those that involve hard materials require moderate or low speed. Variable speed is attainable with the help of the variable speed trigger.


3/8'' Keyed Chuck

The chuck holds on the drill bit or the drive bit. With the wide range of drill bits which you may also buy alongside DeWalt drill, you can change the bit depending on the type and size of the bore that you may desire.

Upon demand, you can convert your drill into a nut or bolt drive by mounting a drive bit in the chuck. Your safety during the entire operation is as well guaranteed by the tight grip of the chuck on the drill bit.


7 Amp Motor

The motor is the core of the drill charged with the responsibility of converting the electrical energy into mechanical energy necessary to simplify your work. Boring holes in concrete, hardwood and metals require a great deal of power.

DeWalt drill DW1014 3/8 inch drill comes with a seven-amp 440-watt motor which outputs enough power to drill even the hardest wood and bore harder metals including steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you release the trigger? Does the drill stop immediately?

A: If you release the trigger while the bit is still in the object you are working on, which is not recommended, the drill stops instantly and may break the drilling bit. But if you release the trigger when the drill is off the work then it ramps down to stand still in just between 5-10 seconds.

How loud is it when running at full power? Can it be heard in an adjacent room?

A: When running at full power, its roar can penetrate the wall and can be heard in the adjacent room. But for the person who is operating it, it's advisable that your wear your earmuffs as a protection measure.

Can this drill be used to make holes in metals and concrete walls?

A: Yeah, it is possible. All you need is the right choice of the drill bit.

Final Verdict

Having looked at the features of DeWalt drill DW1014 3/8 inch drill and putting its pros and cons on balance, I am impressed. Though it limited to 3/8 inch drill bit, its weight, compact nature and its pistol grip mode of handling make it my favorite drilling machine.

​It does not occupy much space in my workshop. The drill has a long enough power cord for a wider radius of operating area. In your business, 440 watts is a guarantee of the low cost of operation translating into reduced cost of production hence higher income. This is a must-have tool you need in your workshop.

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