Dewalt Dwd520k ½ Inch VSR Pistol Grip Hammer Drill Kit Review

The Dewalt pistol grip hammer drill kit machine is a modern tool that offers magnificent double-mode functionality. It is a very powerful tool and has got an even simple handling technique.


Its cover body is made of a metal which gives a machine its durability feature. And also heat loss during multiple drilling processes. 

It is very user-friendly, and it allows you to enjoy working with it very comfortably and even develop a desire to continue working with it. The tool comes along with a heavy-duty metal tool box that is used for storing the machine when not in use.

The metal the toolbox is very good because it possesses portability features and 360-degree locking handles installed on the sides.

It is powerful in performance and has got a 10-amp motor. The motor is responsible for providing more than 50% of the machine's power which enhances its importance in productivity/ value and durability.





Heat Resistance




  • Portable hence can be carried around comfortably
  • Durable because it is covered with metal housing
  • User-friendly since it is installed with side handles and steel depth rod
  • Light in weight hence can be carried around for usage
  • Versatile and offers a dual-mode operation


  • The motor built in it makes a lot of noise

Key Features


Powerful Patent 10-amp Motor for Robust Performance

The excellent powerful performance of the DEWALT DWD520K 1/2-Inch VSR Pistol Grip Hammer Drill is made so by robust. This is a 10 amperes motor with a unique feature that gives an output of more than 50 percent of the power.

It has got an improve protection unit that guards the users against getting injured, whenever there is a failure. But this doesn't mean it is prone to danger. The feature is also the reason why the machine is productive.


Dual-Mode Characteristics

Its reputation for being versatile and super power is the key reason for it gives the convenience of double-mode characteristics. It allows you to multi-task, i.e. you can just handle the drilling hammer and at the same time do other things related to woodwork, masonry, and steel.

It gives a capacity of ½-inch when applied in steel, then 1-1/2-inch when applied in wood and range between 5/32 to 7/16-inch capacity when used in masonry appliances.


Comfortable, Lightweight Design for All-Day Works

The DWD520K machine is designed with a very soft grip handle, which has got a space for two fingers used to open precision and a locking side handle capable of rotating for an angle of 360 degrees.

This makes you work very comfortably and gives you a conducive environment. It is very light in weight as compared to its appearance where one can assume that it is very heavy. It weighs only 6 pounds and 14 inches in measurement.


Warranty Information of the Machine

The DEWALT DWD520K ½-inch VSR Pistol Grip Hammer Drill comes with a three-year warranty. It means that you ought not to worry while using the machine. Do not feel restricted or uncomfortable while using it.

If it spoils, the company will give you a chance to take it back for examination. If it happens to be a minor failure, you will have it repaired at no cost. If it is a major, you will be given a new one.


An All-Metal Gear Housing and A Toolbox

The machine comes along with a heavy-duty box for storage. The box is very light and portable. The portability is made possible by installing side handle, steel depth rod and chuck key that is designed with holder.

The cover of the machine is made of a metal cover; every part of the machine is housed with it. So it will not be affected with cases of wearing. It is, therefore, durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean when you say it is a hammerdrill kit?

A: It means there is an extra handle grip that is adjustable. It, therefore, gives a bit of comfort when in a hammer drill mode.

Is it installed with a holder for the use of chuck key or it only has one handle?

A: Yes, it is installed with a holder the normal one that I attached on the cord.

Is it possible to use the drill to mix the floor leveler or its only meant for the intended purpose?

A: I will not advise you to do so or else you need a drill with low speed and high torque.

Final Verdict

This machine is among the elite drills that are available in the market at a pocket-friendly price. It is very powerful with power up to 980 W. You can use it for several years because it is well secured with an all-metal cover.

This means the inner parts are protected very well. Furthermore, the machine is portable with handles well designed on it, and it is also light in weight. Customers who have had a chance to use it have rated it with at least four stars.​

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