DeWalt DW511 1/2″ (13mm) 7.8 Amp VSR Hammer Drill Review

Powered by a motor with a current of 6.7A, the Black and Decker ½" Variable Speed Reversing Single Range Hammer Drill gives a simple and hassle-free application. It is made of a lightweight makeup, which minimizes the fatigue experienced by the user.


It is capable of being used in everything i.e. wood, steel, masonry and concrete. This machine is a versatile tool. The motor in it is a dependable 7.8 amp that gives out the best of the desired output.

The speed in it is variable controlled. It is installed with a grip, which provides the user with comfort while using it. The tool is responsible for making work done very easy and fast hence saving time. It is fast to use hence high efficiency.

The handle is made with a grip that makes the machine portable. There is a provision of a two-finger rubber that simplifies the control of the speed.





Heat Resistance




  • Very light hence can be carried around by anyone
  • Has got handles hence it is portable
  • Has got speed variance hence allows for precise hole
  • Very durable because its body is covered with an all metal material
  • Can be used on any surface


  • Noisy motor, hence you might need to protect your ears while using it.

Key Features


Powerful Motor with Overload Protection

The machine has got an in-built with the motor. The motor has got an ability to give an output power of up to 650 watts. The machine is durable hence you can use over and over again without worrying of purchasing a new one.

It is not prone to failure or any breakdown. The precision hole placement is made possible by it having an overload protection designed to it. Also, the variable speed trigger for this.


Versatile Dual-Mode Design

The nature of the design of the machine is meant to perform a quick work of light duty masonry appliances and also concrete works.

This machine is capable of drilling via hard materials and never destroying or causing a fire on them. It is not selective and can be used in any materials like concrete, wood, and even steel.

When used with steel, it gives out a ½-inch drilling capacity; when working with wood, it gives out a 1-1/4-inch capacity, and when working with concrete it gives out 5/32 to 3/8-inch.


Accurate and Comfortable Handling

The speed control is made simple by the presence of a two-finger rubber trigger and the optimum handling is created by a 360-degree side handle that gives out a hand-position option.

The clear accuracy provided by an integrated depth rod. The measurement of the hammer drill is of 11-1/2-inches in length, and its mass is not that heavy because it only weighs 4.3 pounds.

The machine is accompanied with a package warranty of limited three years, then a free service contract of one year and a money back assurance of 90 days.


Variable Speed

The machine has got a capability of speed variance. This allows a precise hole placement when performing on the work service.

Its speed can be controlled and varied to any desired output without affecting the material that is being worked on. This makes the machine give the very best output very fast and perfectly with no errors encountered.


Light in Weight

Its design is such that it is very light in weight and can be carried around comfortably around. It only weighs 4.3 lbs.

The appearance of it seems to be heavy but in a real sense, it is light and comfortable to carry around. The handles installed on it further improves its portability and good handling while working with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Give me the difference between DW511 and DWE5010 hammer drills.

A: The DW 511 has got a variable speed while the DWE 510 has got a single speed.

Is there a Dewalt that can allow a drill bit of a ½ concrete?

A: Yes, any of the drills is capable of doing so as long as you put your specifications very clear.

Can you remove the side handles that are put in it?

A: Yes, just be careful when removing them. Loosen the black hand grip screws that are used to tighten it.

Final Verdict

This is the best type of the drill that you will ever find in the market at a low price. The drill is light in weight and got a hand grip handles that makes the machine portable.

Moreover, the warranty information is good especially the 90-day period that gives you a chance to be refunded your money if the machine does not meet your desired expectations.

The customers who have had a opportunity to use the machine have given it a five-star rating for it has turned out to be the best.

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