How to Clean A Gun Easily Step By Step?

Making the right choice in cleaning kits for your gunsafe and guns is a must. Keep in mind that their surfaces and moving parts can be damaged by chemicals and cloths. Be sure to use the right cleaning kits to extend their useful lives and, thus, get more value from them.


Cleaning Kits for Your Gun Safe

If you browse the physical and virtual stores, you will not likely find gunsafe cleaning kits. This is because gun cleaning kits can be made from ordinary cleaning supplies. These can include:

  • A handheld vacuum with attachments to get into the gun safe's nooks and crannies.
  • A few pieces of clean and dry soft, non-abrasive cloth.
  • A bowl for mixing cleaning liquid.
  • Water and mild detergent.
  • A set of soft brushes.
handheld vacuum

When you have these items, your monthly gunsafe cleaning will be in the bag. You can keep these cleaning supplies in a different basket for easy access. You don’t have to gather them every time you have to clean the gunsafe.

Cleaning Kits for Your Guns

But when it comes to gun cleaning kits, you will be spoilt for choice. You will even find several types of kits including:

  • Universal multiple sets are usually presented in wooden or metal cases. These have all the necessary tools for cleaning pistols, shotguns, and rifles at home. Among these tools are small diameter cleaning rods.
  • Chest cleaning supplies come in wood or metal chests, too. These typically have removable trays, storage drawers, and padded Y-yoke inserts. The inserts are used in holding a rifle or shotgun while it’s being cleaned.
  • Field cleaning kits are used in field (i.e., outdoor) situations. These are lightweight, small and compact individual cleaning kits. In a cleaning kit for handguns, a small pouch can contain a cleaning rod and brush, too.

The universal cleaning kits come in several ranges, too. These include 10 to 12-puece kits, 28 to 32-piece kits, and 68-piece kits. These are the most popular because of their versatility. For example, an adapter fitting can be used in threading on jigs, brushes, and mops.

do wnload

You will find kits for shotguns and rifles, too. These kits contain most, if not all, of the cleaning supplies needed including:

  • Solvents.
  • Patches.
  • Lubricants.
  • Towel for quick wipe-downs on the exterior metal parts.
  • A set of soft brushes.

Even with one or two cleaning kits, you’re well-advised to have extra supplies on hand. These supplies will replace the dirty supplies after cleaning guns. A few examples of these extra supplies include:

  • Cotton cleaning patches.
  • Brass cleaning brushes according to the calibers of your firearms.
  • Double-ended nylon cleaning brushes.
  • Mops for shotguns
  • Clean rags
  • Rubber cleaning mat to protect the firearms from scratches on the workbench.
  • A set of dental picks
  • A set of hemostats in different sizes
  • Pipe cleaners for cleaning tight areas like gas tubes

With your gunsafe and gun cleaning kits on hand, you can start cleaning your collection!

Tips for Using Cleaning Kits

A monthly cleaning schedule for your gunsafe is recommended. The buildup of dust, dirt and debris on the interior and exterior should be regularly cleaned. Be sure to use the above mentioned homemade gunsafe cleaning kit for thorough cleaning.

Of course, you should empty the gunsafe of its contents. You can then clean it from top to bottom, even wipe the racks and shelves. Be careful about these things on your gunsafe’s biometric scanner, too:

When we say sufficient support, we are referring to the body’s neutral position while in a sleeping posture meaning:

  • Never directly spray cleaning fluid on the control panel. The electronic circuits and scanner will be damaged by the moisture. Instead, just gently blot or wipe the dirt with a clean and dry soft, non-abrasive cloth.
  • Never use paper-based products on the scanner. The small particulates can affect the scanner’s integrity in reading fingerprints.
cleaner spray

When it comes to gun cleaning, safety is always the topmost priority. You don’t want to injure yourself or others with your carelessness.

  • Work in well-ventilated area. The chemicals used in cleaning and lubricating can irritate the respiratory system, thus, the suggestion.
  • Cover the workbench or table with a large plastic garbage bag. Follow it with at least two layers of old newspaper and paper towels. After cleaning, just tie up the bag with the newspapers and paper towels before proper disposal.
  • Wear safety glasses and protective gloves, if possible.
  • Check that the guns are unloaded. These should also be pointed in a safe direction before cleaning starts.
  • Place the ammunition in a safe area away from your workbench. The solvents and lubricants can also damage the ammunition (i.e., failure to file).
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You should obviously know what parts of each gun to clean. You can either take the firearm partly or completely apart depending on the type of cleaning needed. You should lubricate the firearms in the necessary areas, too.

Final Verdict

Gunsafe and gun cleaning kits are a must for responsible gun owners. These products will keep your valuable collection spic and span, as well as functioning well. Be sure to get the right kits and use them the right way, too.

As a responsible gun owner, you have the responsibility to take good care of your guns. You should start by keeping them away from dangerous hands. You must invest in a secure gunsafe for this purpose.

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