6 Easy Steps to Clean Your Gun Safe in a Short Time

In the United States, approximately one-third of the population own at least one gun. We can surmise that most of them has a gunsafe at home for keeping their guns. But many of them may not yet know how to clean their gunsafes.


This is such a shame as there are several benefit in keeping your gunsafe clean. With regular cleaning, the gunsafe’s moving parts and electronics can be kept functioning well. Such optimum functioning is a must to ensure that no unqualified and unauthorized have access to the guns.​

Keep in mind that when the parts malfunction, the gunsafe is at high risk of unauthorized entry. The combination lock, for example, can easily be manipulated.​

Steps to Clean Your Gun Safe

Since the gunsafe contains guns, extra care should be taken to ensure the safety of everybody around it. The safety hazards associated with gunsafes and guns are plenty including:

  • Children becoming pressed against the door or locked inside the gunsafe
  • Adults and children being hit by bullets set off by accidental firing of the guns
  • Adults and children being crushed underneath the weight of the gunsafe

Cleaning your gunsafe must then be a careful process. You can do so in an easy, effective and safe manner by keeping these tips in mind.


Set Aside Time for It

You shouldn’t rush through a cleaning job of the gunsafe and its contents. Otherwise, you can commit mistakes resulting in injuries from the rush job. You should ideally commit an hour or two depending on the size of the gunsafe.

clock 15 min


Focus on The Job at Hand

You have to inform your family that your full concentration on the cleaning job is a must. You mustn’t be disturbed unless it’s an emergency because of the safety risks. Your awareness of the tasks is a must because of the nature of gunsafes and guns.

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For example, your absentmindedness can result in the guns rattling to the floor and hitting your feet. You should keep out children out of the area so as to lessen their risks of injuries.


Clear The Area around The Gun Safe

You should have a clear area within which to move around while cleaning the gunsafe. Your workbench should be within easy reach, perhaps a few steps away. Your cleaning supplies should also be within easy reach without being in the way.



Prepare The Cleaning Supplies

You can either buy a gunsafe cleaning kit or just use the available supplies in your home. The gunsafe cleaning supplies include:

  • Clean and dry soft, abrasive cloth. Don’t use any kind of rags since the fabric can scratch the metal’s polish or finish. Microfiber cloth is the best choice.
  • Water and mild soap or detergent. Don’t use alcohol- and ammonia-based cleaners. These contain chemicals that can wear away the metal’s protective finish, too.
  • Portable vacuum cleaners. Do use it to speed up the work of removing the dust and dirt from the gunsafe’s interiors and exteriors.
cleaning supplies

Now that the preparatory steps are done, the next steps are cleaning the gunsafe itself. You should wear protective personal gear, if necessary. A few examples include safety goggles and protective gloves.


Remove The Guns and Accessories

You must empty the gunsafe first. You will be able to clean the nooks and crannies of the interior this way. You will also be able to work with less of the safety risks – guns, of course.

empty safe

The guns should also be kept away from children’s reach. Better yet, keep the children away from the area. If the gunsafe has removable shelves and racks, then remove them. You can clean them separately.


Clean The Gun Safe

You should wear your protective gear, if necessary before tackling the project. Your logical order of cleaning should be from top to bottom and from inside to outside.

  • Start by vacuuming the interior to remove surface dust and dirt. The edges and crevices of the safe will likely have more dust and dirt.
  • Wipe the interior with a clean and dry soft, non-abrasive cloth. This is will work for easy-to-remove stains.
  • Clean the interior with another clean cloth dipped into a water-mild detergent solution. Just wipe or blot depending on the type of stains.
  • check
    Let the interior dry or vacuum it again.
  • check
    Clean the exterior using the same methods. But the electronic parts shouldn’t be exposed to moisture so just wipe with the soft, non-abrasive cloth.

In an hour, your gunsafe should be in spic-and-span condition.

How Many Times to Clean

You only need to clean your gunsafe once a month. This is the right balance between keeping your gunsafe clean and keeping your sanity. You neither want a weekly nor a quarterly cleaning schedule for good reasons.


A weekly cleaning schedule will be too inconvenient. A quarterly cleaning schedule can result in undetected damaged parts. In fact, you can perform routine maintenance inspections while cleaning the gunsafe. You can check the locks, hinges and locks.

Final Verdict

​Cleaning your gunsafe demands your full attention and concentration. This is because of the safety risks involved, as well as the desire for best results. You have to make time for it. You should also give it your energy and effort so that it’s so clean as to be your pride and joy.

​A clean gunsafe is a part of your responsible gun ownership. This is because you will have an opportunity to repair and replace your guns, too. A collection of guns in top condition is safer, too.

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