3 Quick Tips to Choose a Gun Safe Today!

When you own a firearm, you have to be very responsible with where you should place your weapon so that it does not get into the hands of people who are not authorized to use it. With that being said, owning a gun safe will make a lot of sense.


While there are many types of gun safe models out there that come in different sizes and shapes that you can choose from, your choice will determine the safety of your weapon.

Depending on your situation, the number of weapons that you need to keep in a safe place, and the place you decide to put it in, there will be certain safes that will fit perfectly with what you require.

A gun safe can serve a number of purposes. It can be used simply for the means of securing your weapons and ammunition from people who are not allowed to use it, or it can also be a safe place to put all your important documents and other important valuables.​


Regardless of the reason, you should clearly identify what you need it for so that you can find a safe that is built for your needs. Along with purchasing a safe, you also have to make sure that it is secure and durable enough to withstand certain situations like fires, floods, and theft.​

These are all very important things to remember, with these points in mind, it will make it easier for you to find a safe that will be perfect for the situations that you may end up encountering at any given time. Let’s take a look at some of the choices that can be available for your needs.​

Install Sliding Drawers in Your Gun Safe

If you own various kinds of guns like rifles, pistols, or machine guns, it would be a good idea to put a bunch of sliding drawers in your gun safe.


This is just so it will be easier for you to find your guns, instead of it being cramped inside a safe. It will always be a good idea to “overbuy” then customize your safe to how you would like it to look.

This may mean that you will have to buy a safe that is more expensive, as well as spend additional for customization, but all of this will be worth it in the end especially if you have a large collection of weapons that are not easy to store just anywhere.


Adding drawers will also allow you to store your weapons neatly, in addition to all your other valuables that you may want to store inside your safe. Being organized is always better than your safe becoming cluttered with different items.

If you want to pull this off, though, it will be a good idea to get a more spacious gun safe so that you can place additional drawers inside it to segregate your weapons.

Get A Gun Safe with A Good Lock

When you buy a gun safe, you also have to consider the type of lock that it has. There are many safes out there that have different kinds of locks like biometric locks, standard key locks, electronic combination locks, pattern locks, and safes with padlocks.

Not all will be durable, which is why you should be sure to find something with a good lock and at the same time be strong enough to prevent tampering.

safe (2)

The choices of locking mechanism will be entirely based on your chosen preference, it would be recommended to go with a gun safe that will make it hard for anyone else to open, but at the same time be safe from robbers.

To give you more detailed information with regards to which lock is more advisable to get, here are some locks along with those mentioned, that you should be looking into to give you an idea of which option would best suit your need:


Electronic Combination Locks

An electronic combination lock may look like a simple lock that a robber can just remove and tamper with by hotwiring the combinations.

But if your safe has a UL rating on it, this will mean that the electronic keypad is just for display and will make it hard for anyone who does not know the combination to open it.

electronic lock

All the wires in your safe will run on the outside and transmit the numbers and battery power to the lock. If the battery runs out, the combination will be remembered because it is stored from inside the safe.

The electronics in the lock which hold the solenoid that actuates the deadbolt lock will also be protected by the anti drill hard plate and the re-locker.



Some gun safes will be equipped with a biometric lock. These locks are one of the best because it cannot be tampered with very easily. The biometric lock scans your fingerprint only. If another person tries to tamper with it using their fingerprint, the safe will not unlock.

BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe

This will be good for preventing robbers from tampering with your safe, but you also have to make sure that where you place your safe, it should be securely bolted in place and heavy enough to prevent the robbers from just taking it from the location.


Standard Padlock and Key Locks

if you want to go with something more traditional, you have the option to use the standard padlock and key locks, but it cannot guarantee that it will be safe from unauthorized people especially robbers.

key lock safe

Thieves are very crafty if the safe is very light, can easily be taken and can be pried open with a crowbar, you will be facing a huge liability.

Final verdict

Finding a good safe is very crucial for your firearms, especially if you own not one but a lot of different ones.

Making sure that these are all safe even if you spend more than you are supposed to, will benefit you in the end. Safes will not only benefit your guns, but it will also mean that you can have some peace of mind.

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