Why Should You Buy a Gun Safe with a Rotary Rack?

Are you still looking for the right gun safe? No doubt, with the so many types available out there, choosing one could be a difficult task. If you look at the advertisements or claims made on gun safes, manufacturers would often boast of the many features that they have to offer.


You can easily fall victim to the lure of a bigger space. Take note that experts do recommend buying a gun safe than what you initially planned. However, the bigger space is not the only thing that you should be looking for.

What about organization for instance? That’s right. Just because a gun safe is big doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to squeeze in all of your guns in it. And this is where rotary racks would come in handy.​

Benefits of Having A Rotary Rack

Rotary gun racks as its name implies are racks that can be likened to a Lazy Susan – they revolve around. Here are three of its main benefits.



Rotary gun racks will let you arrange your firearms according to their type. Bigger ones are compiled together at the bottom while the smaller ones are put in a rotary rack at the upper part of the gun safe.



Easy Access

It’s a Lazy Susan. When you need to get a gun from the gun safe, all you need to do rotate the rack and you should be able to access your gun in matter of seconds.



Easy Access

Since it offers quick access, you can easily find the gun of choice in case of an emergency. No more digging behind other guns – you can defend yourself or your family against crooks in an instant.


Where to Get One

For a gun safe with a rotary rack, you have two options. One of these is to purchase one from a manufacturer that makes gun safes with rotary racks as an added feature of the product.

Your second option would be to buy a gun safe with ample room inside and then just purchase the rotary rack separately. For the first option, one of the best providers of gun safes with rotary racks would be Pendleton.

They have a circular gun safe with an automated rotary rack. The Pendleton gun safe management system comes with interchangeable racks that you can easily remove depending on the number of firearms stored in the gun safe.

It’s fully automatic; turning the rack is a breeze.


It has a lighting system which means that there’s no more need for you to install a separate light. The interior is made of plastic which is considered better than textile, making it easy to maintain and clean.

The management system also comes with electronic indicators. You’ll know just by looking at the light indicators if the door is closed or if the dehumidifier is working as it should.

If you find that the Pendleton gun safe is a little bit expensive for you, you can always go for the second option. Gun safe rotary racks are sold on Amazon. There are also online store that sell these.

Why Ordinary Racks Won’t Cut It

Yes, ordinary racks can help you get your firearms organized. If this was placed in a room, you shouldn’t have any trouble picking up the firearm that you want to use. However, problems could occur when this is placed in a tight space such as that of a gun safe.


If you have a massive collection of firearms, you would need to remove the guns from the front in order to get the guns from the back. This is simply inefficient. What then happens then if you are pressed for time?

Benefits of Having A Rotary Rack

Now that you know the benefits of a rotary rack, you might also be interested in finding out the other things that you should look for in a gun safe. Here’s a quick roundup:


Look One That Offers Some Level of Organization

Don’t fall trap to bigger gun safes. As mentioned earlier, bigger is not always better. Why is this so? Take a closer look at the built-in racks of gun safes.

You will notice that they are different from each other depending upon the manufacturer. While some of these look big on the outside, they won’t allow you to stash big guns in there like that of rifles.


Make sure that all of your firearms will be stored efficiently inside the gun safe.


Purchase One That’s Easy to Use

Isn’t it daunting when you use something that’s difficult to figure out? Take some of the stress off. Choose a gun safe that you can easily figure out in a matter of minutes.

Easy rotarary gun rack

Additionally, your gun safe should not make you feel like you’re doing hard work. Get one that’s easy to use such as the ones with rotary racks.


Check Out If It’s Tamper Proof

So far, this should be the first thing that you should be looking for in a gun safe. After all, the main purpose of a gun safe is to protect your firearms and other valuables.

How will you know if a gun safe is tamper proof? The first key indicator would be its security rating.


Most people aim for a rating or UL-15. This rating offers 15 minutes of protection against excessive abuse. Additional level of protection of course would be observed in gun safes with higher ratings.

Final Verdict

Gun safes with rotary guns are better than those with ordinary racks for several reasons. For one, it offers better organization. Second, getting any of the firearms from the gun safe is easy – all you need to do is rotate the rack.

It’s also great if there in case of emergency and there’s a need to use a particular gun because of the easy access. If you can afford to do so, invest in a rotary rack.

Gun safes with the added feature of rotary rack can be expensive but if you don’t have the extra budget to spend, you can always buy a separate rotary rack from e-commerce websites like Amazon.

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