4 Practical Reasons to Buy a Bigger Gun Safe

A safe should be in the right size to be of great value to its owner. When buying a safe, size should be the first consideration for obvious reasons. But here’s the thing about size: You should buy a safe bigger than your current needs!


Purchase A Safe That Is Bigger Than You Think

Why is this so? You will find many more things to place inside the safe over time! If you’re using the safe for your guns, your collection will grow, too.

Keep in mind that a good safe isn’t just a gun locker. You should treat it as a safe and secure place for your family’s valuables, too. You will find that filling up a large safe is easy, especially when you’re a serious gun collector.


You don’t want to end up with large safe that becomes progressively crowded with each addition. You don’t want to buy another safe for new additions, too. Otherwise, your home will be crowded with these safes!

Besides, each safe purchase means new transportation and installation costs. You’re better off buying a larger, if more expensive, safe than your current needs. You will then save money on a new safe plus its associated costs.

Placement of Contents

Of course, you can maximize the space in your safe. You will have an easier time locating the items, too, as well as getting in as many items as possible. You can enjoy greater value for your money in the process. Here are a few tips to remember in this regard:


Buy a rotary rack. While it can mean giving up some storage space, it’s worth the trouble. You can access your rifles within minutes and get only the rifle you want. You can also protect the scopes on your rifles by making them face inwards.


When you have several rifles, the benefits of a rotary rack cannot be overemphasized. You will less likely bash in the expensive scopes, thus, lesser costs of replacement. You can also organize your rifles for fast and easy access, especially in emergencies.

Tip: When storing rifles, it’s a good idea to alternate the placement of scoped and non-scoped rifles on the rack. This is especially true for scopes with extended turrets.


Place non-scoped guns on the safe door. You can free up a large amount of space inside the safe in this way. Your long rifles, which need large overhead clearance, can then be placed inside the safe.

gun in safe

Tip: Build your own door-mounted rack. It can be a carpeted rack for placing your iron-sighted rifles and shotguns. It can have barrel holes at the top, slots for rifle butts, and a short platform at the door’s base.


Build a rack shelving, too. You can also buy gunsafe racking units but these aren’t of good quality. You can instead build your own rack shelving from hardwood. The rack shelving can also be customized to the types of guns in your collection.

Tip: Increase the clearance in the sidewalls by 3 inches or more for scoped guns. Increase the space between the guns, too, for easier access.

Tip: In case of benchrest rifles with square and 3-inch fore-ends, a shelf with a 3.5-inch rectangular slots is a great idea. The slots will provide a solid and stable mounting point for your rifles.

Tip: In case of AR-type rifles, a simple stepped box is a good idea, too. The longer ARs can be placed on the bottom and the short-barreled ARs on the upper part. The barrel heights will then be uniform in this manner.


Install sliding drawers. You can place the pistols and revolvers in the slide-out drawers. These sliding drawers can be in different sizes, too.

sliding drawers

A 3-inch drawer can accommodate even the largest handguns on their sides. Separate drawers can hold laser rangefinders, scopes, and binoculars, among other accessories. Other drawers can hold valuables like jewelry, papers and money.

These drawers can have locks, too. The jewelry, papers and money drawers should ideally be locked for added protection.

Handguns are best placed on the safe’s top half, preferably at eye level. You can easily see which one you need at the time. You’re also protecting your handguns from the threat of rust and corrosion in the event of floods and fire.

If the handguns are placed in the safe’s lower part, these can be soaked with water after the firemen have done their job. This is especially true in safes placed on basements and the ground floor. The ankle-deep water will likely get into the safe and the handguns.

guns in safe

You’re also well-advised to buy gun rugs for your handguns. Bore stores are made from synthetic fleece fabric and comes in a wide range of sizes. These protect the handguns from scratches and nicks, as well as wicks moisture away for rust protection.

Final Verdict

Buying a larger safe than your current needs may seem like a waste of money. But when you consider the demands of your growing collection, it makes perfect sense. You will have a larger safe to accommodate new additions, as well as save on the costs of new safe purchases.​

Always consider the types and number of firearms in your collection when choosing a safe. You should also consider the types of racks, drawers and shelves that can be installed in it.​

But getting a larger safe isn’t the end of buying the product. You should also consider the optimum use of the safe from its interior to its door. You must place the contents in an organized manner for this purpose.​

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