Black and Decker DR560 7.0 Amp ½ Inch Drill/Driver Review

A driller should always find a powerful drill that will guarantee him/her good performance. However, it is tough to find that good drill in the market. This powerful and compact designed drill gives you that performance you need.


The drill features an all metal keyed chuck to guarantee maximum durability and better bit retention.

The mid-handle design offers optimal balance and control; the grip handle provides an added comfort, the variable speed controls drilling or driving and a 360-degree side handle.

This features all combined in one drill gives you a superior performance more than any other drill. This drill is great for drilling holes or driving larger fasteners through wood, metal, and plastic.

It has been setting standards for innovation and design of power tools, accessories, outdoor yard care equipment, home cleaning products, automotive and lighting products, hardware or any other improvements needed.





Heat Resistance




  • Very powerful
  • Has variable speed control
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Offers forward and reverse drilling


  • It is noisy

Key Features



This drill/driver is made powerful and compact so that it can handle the toughest applications there is.

The drill is made with a powerful motor of 7.0 Amps revolving at maximum speed or 700rpm; this drill can offer greater and very powerful drilling abilities that will ensure maximum performance.

With this power, the drill can work on metal, wood or even plastic material efficiently. If you need your job done efficiently, then get this drill.



Any tool purchased should guarantee your money with a longer life and better productivity, but most importantly the lifespan matters a lot. This drill is made with an all-metal casing with a metal keyed chuck for that maximum durability that you need with a better bit retention.

This drill is made to fit the global manufacturing qualities that are required. It offers high-quality performance guaranteed with maximum durability.


Balanced and Comfortable

This easy to handle drill design features a mid-handle that offers you a balanced and comfortable working. The DR560 drill also has a comfort grip handle that is made specifically to give that added comfort you need.

Accompanied by a 360-degree side handle, that ensures you have proper control of the drill during the action. Due to these features, this drill offers you a very high performance, and you won't get tired using it.


Variable Speed Control

For as long as you have a powerful drill, you may not be able to carry out perfect drilling if you won't be able to control your working speed. Some materials require low speeds while others require high-speed drilling.

However, with this drill, everything is catered for because it is equipped with a variable speed drive that gives you the power to control all your working speeds efficiently.


Bidirectional Operation

This drill is equipped with a reverse brush system that will provide power in the forward and reverse direction. This gives you the privilege of perfecting your drilling when one direction proves difficult to drill.

This variable speed drill is surely the best in the market today and combines all the powerful features into one casing to give you an ultimate performance. Do you even need to worry? Get this drill for quality operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the revolutions of this drill per minute?

A: It's about 700rpm maximum.

What comes together with the drill?

A: Included with the drill is a chuck key and holder as well as a side handle.

Is this a variable speed drill?

A: Yeah, it is. I have used for several years and I’m impressed with its durability.

Final Verdict

This is the best drill you can own. It is extremely powerful and can cut through concrete easily like bread. It combines all the best features in one tool to give you as the user an experience you will like for a reasonable price.

It is robust, dependable and works great with any material giving you the best performance. The forward and backward operation makes it a very great drill. 

It can be used for any large drilling project though you need to change the size of the bit to suit your needs and it will operate swiftly without any straining. I recommend this drill for any job.

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