Black & Decker DR260c 5.2 Amp Drill Review

Black and Decker drill is a drilling machine used for various function in its operation. The drill is used to drilling holes and screws into wood, metal, and plastic with the help of Black & Decker DR260B 3/8" 5-amp Variable Speed Drill.


The powerful 5.2 amp motor gives a maximum speed of 1500 rpm and thus makes your drilling tasks much easier. The drill also has a keyless 3/8" chuck.

This Black & Decker drill's keyless chuck features on-board bit storage facilities that come in highly handy while operating.

The double-ended screw driving bit drills holes well and the best corded drill driver also comes with a storage bag for enhanced portability.

Whether you're a professional or amateur, craftsperson or handyman, this powerful and versatile drill has is very easy to use and requires very minimal training. Thus, for our business, this kind of a drill will serve our purpose better.





Heat Resistance




  • Can drill holes and screw into both wood, metal and plastic
  • Has self-control with variable speed because of the keyless chuck
  • Faster in its operation because of the powerful motor
  • Easy to operate
  • Cheap to maintain


  • The high power used sometimes may tend to be expensive

Key Features


A Keyless Chuck

The chuck gives control with variable speed for drilling and driving. Since we need to control the speed of the machine while carrying our drilling, then we need a device that will help us a achieve this with a lot of ease.

Black & Decker DR260c 5.2-Amp drill has a keyless chuck that will control the speed of the drilling by varying various positions and rotations with a lot of ease.


The Powerful 5.2 Amp Motor

The motor is an electric device which will provide motion to a machine by converting electrical energy into rotary motion. Black and Decker drill has a motor which operates at a current of 5.2 amperes.

The motor runs at a speed of 1500rpm and thus making the work of drilling to be very easy and faster in its operation. A high output is achieved from the machine because of the rate at which drilling is taking place.


The Double-Ended Screw Driving Bit

This part enables holes to be drilled with a lot of easy and comfort. The type of design can either attract a customer or not since customers will require something presentable to them thus the holes being drilled must be neat.

Black &Decker DR260c 5.2-Amp drill has a double-ended screw driving bit that will enhance the process of drilling the hole to a machine. This ensures that the type of holes is very smart and will attract the customer who wants to buy your product.


Storage Bag

We need to keep our product neat always and prevent it from dust and ensure that the machine lasts for a very long period.

Black & Decker DR260c 5.2-Amp drill comes with its storage bag saving on the cost of buying a bag to store your property. This makes this drive to last for a very long period and also reduce the maintenance cost of the machine.


Operating Current

Every machine needs to be protected from getting spoiled because of large of large currents passing through it. Black &Decker DR260c 5.2-Amp drill operates on a current of 5.2 amperes, and this power should not be exceeded to prevent damaging the driller.

A constant source of supply should be maintained just to make sure that current is maintained at the required value because the machine has a constant resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you control the speed of the drill?

A: Speed of the drill is automatically controlled with the keyless chuck.

Can I use this drill to drill plastic?

A: Yes you can use it to drill plastic as well as wood.

I wanted to use a battery to run my drill machine, please which advice can you give me?

A: Unless your motor is a d.c motor then you can use a battery to power your machine, but when it is an a.c machine then you must supply it with an a.c source.

Final Verdict

Since we need to have a very good output of work from our machine, and also require a machine that will work at a very faster rate, then Black and Decker dr260c 5.2-amp drill is our choice.

This is because it provides a very high speed and has features like keyless chuck which gives control with variable speeds for drilling and driving.

The drill is easy to learn how to operate it and can be used by those who are semi-skilled. The drill will last for a long period hence making it cost effective; this proves its worthiness.

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